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Should you concede to your opponent?


Hey guys,
I just wanted to know your opinion about the “Concede” option. I myself try to not use, although I already did, but, do you think it is right to concede when you see you don’t have any chances left ? This game is comparable to chess in my opinion, had you ever played chess, you see what I’m talking about. Anyway, the point is, when you have no chances left, should you surrender ?


What is the point behind this question? It’s my time, if i feel like conceding i will concede.


I guess this is what you meant when you said this.

If you want to concede, concede. It’s really that simple of a decision to make. No need to make it complicated.


that is the point of the question, that you answer, any answer is valid, but if you don’t want to talk about the question just go to another topic.

i like to try every possible way to win, i try to not surrender. but sometimes i just give up


Haha, yeah, exactly what I meant.


The thing is, the question is implying that there might be something bad or rude with conceding, and that mindset is just pointless. A win is a win, if your opponent feels like conceding take the win and move on, i never got what kinda dominance complex people have that feel like conceding is rude.


So it is like, should you concede, or give your opponent the satisfaction of dealing the killing blow? Sometimes you just get rekt and want to get to the next game. No shame in conceding if you are checkmated, it’s my policy to play games out no matter how dire, until I am 100% about to lose.


I lose a lot. And I conceded a lot. There are two reasons.

  1. It’s considerate to the other player not to waste their time on a lost cause. If I have a chance to win I will hang in there, but if I’ve clearly lost, why waste both of our time? E.g. I have 4 health left, opponent has 8, and has a minion with 2 attack left at the end of my turn. What’s the point in making them act it out?

  2. Sometimes it doesn’t really matter. I am often “floored” at the bottom of a rank. If I am doing a game just to get, say, first win of the day, I’ll concede a match that is going poorly so I can try again.

As others said, do what you feel best. I do think others appreciate it when you don’t waste their time.


Before conceding, think-

Is there something that I can draw to extricate myself from this unfavorable situation? If no, concede.

Is this thing going to swing the game in my favor or stall my loss? If the latter, concede.

There is no shame in concession. If you would be unnecessarily dragging out a game, end it.


Okay, I think I get it now. Thanks for the opinions dudes. I don’t really know if we can close a topic so I’ll leave it open. Anyway, ending thread here and see you some other time :wink:


Threads come to its conclusion. Locking it.

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