Should we consider rewarding losing streaks?


I was thinking the other day when I saw the chart of how many players were in the lower ranks that more people are in lower ranks b/c obviously they aren’t winning as much. And even the more seasoned veterans will tell you sometimes you go through rough patches. But what if there was like a hidden daily losing streak quest. Something like if you lose 4 or 5 in a row get 10. I think it would help new players who might feel a bit discouraged losing early in their duelyst career and set up in a way where it shouldn’t get ridiculously abused or anything.


Rewarding people for losing.

Gaze upon that sentence once again and tell me do you see anything wrong with it.


I’d be okay with this if it were limited to once per day as a pick-me-up, and if it didn’t count unless you played each game to completion.

We already have “get rewards for playing” quests here, after all.


Yes, and we already have “get rewards for NOT playing” quests (“Welcome back”).
Enough, stop promoting lazyness and failure.
And trust me, with my loooow win ratio, I’ll be the first to benefit from that, but thanks, but no thanks.


Actually, if the sole purpose of your suggestion was trying to encourage new players or even veterans to want to play the game more or dont feel discourage, isnt losing doing just that? As in, if you lose, the desire in wanting to win will actually grow. Hence, making you want to improve and actually play the game more (but of course, we all know that sometimes we might get too obsessed and hurt ourselves for trying too hard).

But yeah, like the guys above me mentioned, we are rewarded for playing cause the quests are completed regardless of winning or losing (unlike the notorious Hearthstone). Interesting suggestion but I think the thing really is fine as it is. Dont let the slight negative tone affect ya, things are kinda fine tbh.


I think it’s a very good idea, but you’d have to design it cleverly so that it becomes an encouraging experience that picks you up instead of something you can abuse by just conceding 5 matches in a row when you just hit a new rank and thus cannot drop due to the conceding.

What about, after a 3-4 match lose streak, you see a different screen at the end of the match with an uplifting image and an ecouraging text or so (done right), and you unlock, for just 1 hour long after which it disappears again, an emote for salt and an emote for steaming and maybe a rainy cloud or so.

You could then do something similar for a 4-5-match (yes, 1 higher than the lose streak) win streak with fitting emote images/emoji whatever you call them.

I would hope that 1 hour to express you’re steaming/salty/a bit disheartened is still a nice bonus without it being something people will abuse the system for, and for the lose streak the uplifting new image when it triggers would also be a clear acknowledgement of the ‘bad luck’ and can hopefully help people to get back in and do better (maybe, just maybe, looking at the road map, you could then enable an auto-suggest deck change?? but that’s long term stuff).


such ideas have 2 basic problems:

  1. It may insult/upset the very players you wish to help.

In Ninja Gaiden Black (fyi, one of my alltime fav games) they wanted the game to be hard. To unlock easy mode (insultingly titled “ninja dog”) you had to die 3 times on the first level. Creating secret events/modes/whatever that are specifically unlocked when you are doing poorly can sometime leave a bad taste in the mouth; for some players “dog mode” may have made the game more enjoyable, but, the developers decided to mock anyone who used that setting.

long story short: rewarding poor performance, even if well intentioned, may come across as insulting and/or patronising. Thus, you further alienate the sorts of players you wish to help.

  1. Min-Maxing.

Ideally, you don’t want players entering ladder and then automatically conceding in order to try to get the reward. Remember, any reward system you set up WILL affect player behaviour, there will always be the players that “game” whatever system the devs put in place.

Other solutions

I didn’t play infintity wars for more than a day, but in my short time I did see a cool idea that our devs could consider.

Basically, it was possible to use a Dev made deck on ladder. Unlike starter decks however, there was a new one each week and the decks were moderately powerful.

How does this solve the problem you state? Well lets suppose we create a quest called:

Persistence: play 10 games. 
Reward: Unlock this weeks special deck. 

Basically, this quest unlocks a cool new deck for the player to ladder with. Bronze players thus get to play a more powerful deck than they would otherwise have access too.

Now that they have a more competitive deck, they may win more games.

In short, this incentive system would encourage bronze players to keep trying, and it also indirectly deals with the frustration of losing by giving them stronger decks to play with.


Like many of us, i’m ok to help people who need it but not reward them with gold.
“Give a fish to a starving man and he’ll eat for one day, teach him how to fish and i’ll eat during his all life” or something like that ^^

For sure the game have to encourage new player but in a pedagogic way.
I like the idea of a dev deck you can unlocked for few matches like @Smash_the_Hamster mention it. Not a gold ranked deck necessarily but more like a starter deck++ new players can understand.
It’ll be a good help for the comprehension of the game’s mechanics.


Wow that competitive deck option sounds amazing. But I feel that it might actually discourage people from spending money into the game knowing that are able to access a viable, strong ladder deck without a good collection of cards. And also making the ladder kinda dull if a bunch of players (new or old alike) do ladder with say “Control Cassyva”. Fun idea, maybe restricting the accessibility to players that have maybe less than 100 hours (or lower? not sure about this estimated figure) into the game?

  1. my vision would be that we would have access to that deck for a week. After that it disapears (meaning that if you like it, then after that week you’d have to build it yourself).

  2. Instead of adding the most broken netdeck “fotm” thing I envision a step up from starter decks basically. Lets for example sake thing control cass with some goofy cards added in (e.g. Night Fiened, and/or an arcane devourer)

  3. In the past, this game has decided to be pretty generous, so honestly I’m not sure this feature would really be a problem in regard to monetisation. Only recently did the devs decided to give 20 orbs away for free (humble bundle).


The generosity is something good but also more or less something to attract people palying the game in its early stages. However, the devs have to earn a revenue somehow.

But I think after your clarification on the “adding in some goofy cards” part, I think it might be fine. Because it doesnt just give f2p or new players a way to cheat the game by abusing this mechanic entirely and not having to worry about crafting anything at all. So the decks are good but not as optimized as one that is self-built.