Should Stunned Obelysks Still Produce Dervishes


The question in the title.
I just played a game where a player thought he could prevent lethal by stunning my obelysk but obelysks still produce dervishes when stunned.

I personally think that the stun mechanic is a bit lacking and could use that buff. A stun should shut down all capabilities of a unit. Like a temporary dispell in this case.


Stun is one of the strongest mechanics in the game. It’s the cards that support it (other than Icy) that are lacking. Besides, stun acting like a quasi dispel in addition to it’s current effect would make no sense and just makes the mechanic needlessly complicated.


I think it’s a cool idea but like raqyee says, it would be a bit overcomplicated. There’s a distinct line between movement/attack capabilities and card text abilities, and something that makes sense to affect one does not necessarily make sense to affect the other.

Surface simplicity is paramount for these kinds of games, otherwise I think it’d be kind of cool. The effect would be acceptable in a more complex game like MtG


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