Should Sentinel be dispellable?


Just a simple topic.
The scenario is dispelling a sentinel will leave it as a token permanently. Should that be implemented or leave it as current?

  • Yes
  • No

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Post your comments and opinions about why/why not if you want. Not revealing the voters, by the way.


I’d be fine with minion sentinels being dispellable by spells or visa versa, but a sentinel should definitely not be countered by its own ‘trap’.

I think Sentinels are fine as they are, non dispellable, I just think they need to be balanced a bit and have their interactions smoothed out.

Some of Vanar’s seem really strong while some of Abyssian’s are weak, mainly due to terrible statlines. Songhai’s are all great, making them hard to play around, but that’s the idea, right? If Abyssian’s General and maybe spell don’t get buffed it’ll always be obvious which one they’re playing, which sort of ruins the point.

Sentinels are great, I’ll stop complaining. This xpack is fun :slight_smile:


Exactly. Fex if you play Ligthbender next to a “play minion” Sentinel, the Sentinel acts first, ie it converts, and then the resulting minion will be dispelled. Likewise with Chrom Cold on a “play spell” one, it converts and then the spell takes effect dispelling and damaging the “new” Sentinel.

But in all cases sentinels should be dispellable, like all other minions, by anything that does not trigger them.


I think they shouldn’t be dispellable,

They have a good interactive mechanic, it would be a shame if they were so easily countered.

I like the idea of tiptoing around sentinels, it feels rewarding to not trigger them and fair when you fail at it.
Being non-dispellable minions means the purpose of those cards is to force the opponent to actually think on how to answer them without the “easy” dispel road.


I like Sentinels, but they should be dispellable. We recently had a patch where Stun became dispellable for consistency reasons. Immediately getting a new keyword which is not dispellable sounds weird and it’s confusing for players.


I think sentinels are fine the way they are. If you can predict what they’re going to turn into, they can be very easy to deal with.

If the game balance is fine, I don’t think there’s any reason to touch them.


I like the fact that sentinels are not dispellable. This gives more meaning to playing around them, instead of mindlessly dropping a lightbender or chromatic cold and ignoring the whole mechanic.

On the other hand, I do wish that Counterplay can do a patch where they hammer out all the inconsistencies with the new set, from certain minions not being added to random pools, the the sentinel interactions, to other buggy cards like Superior Mirage and Firestorn Mantra.


Most important would be balancing them. The Vanar Sentinels are really over the top.

And I think the tokens have to be dispellable - if not the Minion then via “dispel space”. I don’t see a good reason not to do this. Tiles are dispellable so why not Sentinel-Tokens?


Wait aren’t all sentinels dispellable already?

You can’t dispel the anti spell Sentinels with a spell aka Chromic cold,Sun bloom,Primal Ballast

Likewise you can’t dispel the anti minion Sentinels with a minion aka ephemeral shroud,lightbender,Emp.

Every Sentinel is already dispellable you want to dispell Basilik use Shroud,You want to dispel hundred hand use chromatic cold.Maybe i am understanding it wrong


The token can be dispelled, however it still has it’s ability to reveal itself if conditions are met. In other words, dispelling the token only removes buffs and stun applied to the token.


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