Should i dust or keep 7 different purple epic cards?


i play all 6 generals, and they are around the low lv 20’s. currently im only ranked 18 silver. best rank i made was rank 11 last month. i put in so far a little less than 200 hours in it. and the people that i play just seem to be a little better, and sometimes with some nice legendary cards… but im still enjoying game so…

i need advice, i plan on dusting 7 of my epic cards for 700 spirit. i dont like looking at builds and try to copy them, but i do copy to a degree what opponents have done to me and i see some synergies that i haven’t thought of before.

-juxtaposition; 0 cost; the only small benefits i see is that it is a 0 cost spell, so it can be used to activate your spell buffs. also if someone has a ranged minion and you want to switch positions so you can melee the range.

-onyx bear seal; 3 cost; this seemed like it would be a good spell for the big scary minions, but after they mutate, i can’t target them to kill them… i don’t have too much experience, but can i use a dmging spell like phoenix fire to kill it after the mutation?

-kujita; 2 cost; 2/2; costs 1 less but takes 1 dmg when you summon a minion; i can see this being useful when you want to spawn the bigger monsters faster for a paltry 1 dmg, and can also use in conjunction with flash reincarnation; i run 2 FR’s only and i feel the kujita is a little too squishy at only 2/2

-moloki huntress; 3 cost; 1/3 ( i think ); the problem with this for me is that i need to protect her in the back because initially she is weak. then i push her into the battlegrounds a few turns later, but by then, the opponent will have dispelled her or 1 spell kill her; also it seems kind of dificult to have growth minions spawned along with the huntress

night watcher; 4 cost; 2/4; forcefield ; all minions with rush is exhausted. obiously when your opponent sees this in the battefield, they will not be using their rush minions until he is taken care of. therefore i don’t feel the price of 4 mana justifies a platry 2/4 w/FF.

alcuin loremaster; 3 cost; 3/1; opening gambit puts copy of recent cast spell into your bar; seems too niche. a weak 3/1 only to get a spell back… i only see this working if you popped a BIG spell and somehow had alcuin in the task bar at the same time so that you can use it again the next turn… but like again… seems too niche and very specific ; synergizes with owlbeast sage with alcuin is also a arcanist, if you can get them both on the battefield at around the same time

the scientist; 6 cost; 6/6; draw a card when cast spell to friendly. another arcanyst minion so it synergizes with owlbeast sage; doesn’t seem good for songhai since the cost of 6 makes the battle pretty much over before than. i can see how it can be useful for other generals…but who? and how?

anyways, i might keep the scientist, but im leaning towards dusting the 6 other epics for 600 spirits.

i’d appreciate some comments on this please. if im wrong please say so… if you guys agree with me that some of these epic minions are too specialized… say so as well… i look forward to your comments.



juxtaposition is useful if you like the backstab keyword or want to keep your chakri avatars out of harms way before buffing them up and putting them right next to the enemy general. all in all its a situational, but good card.
onyx bear seal is basically the only hard removal songhai gets. so definitely keep it.

kujata, only keep it if you like minions that are fine with self damage (like taygete or khymera) or like getting big minions out quick. or if you have twin fangs you could try the dance of memes OTK deck.

moloki huntress is mainly a support card to make your other grow minions super scary. if you add a kolossus or grimrock to the field with moloki, then it gets pretty scary pretty fast. but only if you are running a grow deck. even if its just gro on the field, it can get scary quick with moloki

we dont know how good night watcher is yet since its new, but its decent. if you see something you really want, dust it. if not, keep it.

loremaster is only really good in arcane/spell decks. best played alongside other arcanysts like the owl or chakri avatar. if you arent playing a deck with arcanysts or a lot of spells, dont use it.

the scientist… i havnt really used it. probably best in lyonar because of the BBS.


thanks for the tips…

im thinking of dusting juxtaposition (too situiational),

alcuin loremaster (my songhai does run a arcanyst deck but i think the alcuin pales in comparison to other cards),

and night watcher (seems lackluster, if it was just the opposing general’s rush that would get negated, then it would be pretty decent, but for both generals, hmmm, dust it, lolz) also, the neutral sunsteel defender seems to be much better, IMO, costs the same at 4 mana, and its 4/3 with forcefield.

the onyx bear seal, ill see how it works ingame (i assume only spells that do dmg to it can destroy it or some sort of collateral dmg)

i run a grow and rebirth deck for my magmar, but ill see if i can fit kujita, and huntress separetely to see how they perform.

you’re right about the scientist… seems likie it would work nicely with lyonar…

thanks again


According to the S-rank meta and the experience of countless of players:

You should not dust the following cards:
-juxtapostion (very played in various songhai deck, not only back stab)
-onyx bear sealed (one of the most important card in songhai if you dust that you’re ignorant)
-alcuin lormaster (played in various deck and can become potentially broken in the future depending on the context)
-Kujata (currently played in what I feel is the best magmar deck right now).

You can dust the other cards.


Juxta and Bear Seal are very, very common cards that are very powerful with the common strategies of Songhai. Only dust them if you have ZERO intention of playing Songhai now or in the future.