Should I Disenchant These Cards?


Should I disenchant these cards?

  1. Blood Tauras
  2. Rook
  3. Archon SpellBinder (this has won me some games)
  4. Tethermancer
  5. Sarlac the Eternal
  6. Captain Hank hart
  7. Artifact Hunter
  8. Soboro
  9. Bastion

the reason i’m asking these question is that because I am afraid that they will change some of these cards very soon and I will lose some Spirit I would have got if I waited.

I have 5 Blood taura, I’ve asked around about this but haven’t felt sure to Disenchant it. it’s dilematic, if they change Blood Taura I would have a ton of Spirit from disenchanting 5 of it. but on the other hand it might never happen. Please Help.


The only card you may ever use there is Archon


yeah i know, most of these i basically never touch but, which has the potential to get nerfed or buffed? that’s what i’m afraid of.


You can be pretty certain that taura isn’t going to be changed. I’d still keep at least 2 of them for fun. tethermancer isn’t really worth disenchanting, doesn’t give much spirit and might be usefull at some point. I’d also keep Sarlac and Archon, Artifact Hunter might be usefull in some artifact builds but nothing else.


CPG never buffs anything. I guess they think it creates unbalance. And none of these cards will ever be nerfed.


Yes, if you need spirit for better options, all of these can be safely disenchanted.

Buffs are unlikely to happen (CP said there won’t be many card changes after the release) and they surely won’t be nerfed, so there’s no need to worry.


thanks guys, i’ll go ahead and disenchant the damn blood tauras first then. GL HF in Duelyst.


Or they realize what a complete shitstorm the forums will become when people like largebanana here disenchant all those cards only for them to be buffed into viability (or even become staples) a month later.

Nerfing cards is easy, just give full spirit refund, but how do you compensate players for buffing the cards they’ve already disenchanted?


dude… i already did :frowning:


I just meant that they won’t buff bad cards because people would get upset after disenchanting them.


won’t they though?


No need to be rude. But honestly, Soboro isn’t becoming viable anytime soon. And like I said, CPG never buffs cards.


I remember them buffing Hank and Dioltas and I don’t recall any backlash from people who DE’d those cards in the past because they were bad. If anything people were happy more cards were tried to be brought back into relevance. So I doubt backlash is the reason why they’re not buffing cards more commonly, it’s probably just a simple business decision because if you nerf or buff cards too often people can just recycle their decks rather than buying orbs in order to get more cards. This goes along with their plan of releasing expansions every 3 months.

But yeah, holding onto cards hoping they get buffed isn’t something you should do unless you already have a sufficiently big collection or a lot of patience. I personally am holding onto 5 Rexx I have, 2 of them being prismatic, just in the extremely unlikely case they change, but that’s about it.


archon, blood taura, and artifact hunter I would keep hold of honestly. Maybe Bastion since it is technically a structure that can go in the structure vetruvian deck (since it is discounted by windslicer and survives circle).

I will explain why.

Archon is not a bad card, the meta is just a little to fast for it at the moment. It will definitely see play in future metas as a tech card that is a game ending threat in of itself.

blood taura is the most question keep(besides bastion). However it is such a “deck building” card that I would keep if such a deck it goes in gets more support. For instance it could go in some abbysian list or lyonar list due to the swing healing spells both factions have (sundrop and void pulse). If you really need the spirit you can disenchant it, but I will warn that you will be missing a potential fun archtype down the line i.e. a duelyst version of handlock.

artifact hunter I would keep since it is one of the few tutor cards in the game at the moment. Yes it is technically worse than grincher, however it is far far more consistent and helps raise the consistency of your deck by a surprising amount. Let me explain:

artifact hunter thins your deck, you can choose to replace the artifact drawn which makes it a cycle card. That is at the worst case. However at the best case it does this:
If you put say 3 regalias in your deck as a late game win condition as your only artifact, artifact hunter can tutor for your win condition when you need to (and if you do not need to, you can replace the regalia until you need it). This tutor also makes it a safer choice to replace an early regalia when you are forced to due to luck of the draw (since you have twice the chances of getting it back when you need it due to artifact hunter).
I only mentioned regalia since it is the most common game winning artifact at the moment. An unanswered ankh as sajj does a similar thing but requires some board presence (same with spinecleaver).


that’s a very well thought out sentences, thank you but, i’ve already disenchanted the Taura :frowning:


The only card from this list that saw play in a competitive deck is sarlac and archon and even those are VERY NICH cards , you can disenchant all of them without worries. but in general I advice to disenchant cards only if you need the spirits immediately.


I would keep a couple of blood tauras, personally, because I have a pipe dream some day Healyonar will be crazy good, and a cheap 12/12 provoke will be amazing to play before you heal yourself for stupid amounts.


Yeah, the taura deck might take two more expansions to be viable, however artifact hunter at the moment is playable in the right deck as a tutor card. Just need to dodge those rust crawlers lol, (or just go for an OTK if playing with aurora’s tears as Vetruvian).


Personally, here is what I would do.

Blood Tauras - Disenchant, costs too much and by the time you reach a point where it is playable, you’ll be in burst down to death potential. But if it ever gets to a point to be a popular enough card, people would just play around it by keeping you up above 9 health until they can kill you. Although you already disenchanted it.

Rook - Disenchant, costs too much for the stats and the ability will take too long for it to be a big enough threat. Also because it needs to build up over time to become a potential late game threat it gives you’re opponent more time to find a dispel/removal effect, or to just end the game.

Archon Spellbinder - Keep. I think its something like a tech card against spell heavy decks and helps to ruin combos. Main problem is that you don’t really need more than one. Even against a non-spell heavy deck, its a good 7/7 stats for 6 mana.

Tethermancer - Keep, I’ve never used it but for 20 spirit might as well keep it.

Sarlac The Eternal - Disenchant, only faction I’ve seen it played in was Abyssian but with Gor here, its been pretty much pushed out and if you don’t play a swarm type deck it won’t be much good.

Captain Hank Hart - Disenchant, never seen anyone use it and I don’t believe its worth using even in ranged type decks.

Artifact Hunter - Keep, good for drawing for the artifact you need at the right time.

Soboro - Keep, it could be worth keeping for the future against any OP neutral minions in the future. But I’ve never seen one be played yet.

Bastion - Disenchant, but it can good for Vet Obelysk decks but I think its a questionable card to add into that type of deck for now.


Are there any decks that you really want to play, but are short a couple spirit for? If there are, I would recommend disenchanting to craft a few good decks that you like playing. After that, I recommend saving everything.

This way, you earn gold faster by having more fun with decks you like, making up for the difference if any card gets changed. After having all the decks you like to play/ want to try, save the cards and spirit in case of card changes.