Should 3rd Wish really target dervish's only?


I think most people would agree the 3rd wish is the worst wish, even though you’d expect it to be the best wish!

the 1st two wishes hit any minion, why is the 3rd limited to dervish’s only?

If you removed that restriction it’d be playable in more deck archetypes and +3/3 w/ flying for 3m isn’t really out of line anyway. That would also give pantheron a better than 0% chance of seeing play.


but then we would see 6/5 flying tigers. while a fun counterpart to lyonars holy tigers and karas super tigers, you have to remember all the cards it could possibly interact with. 8/8 flying healers, 7/9 flying krons, 10/7 flying serpentis. it would be chaos.


Ah yeah fair point. Tiger ruins so many things.

Perhaps more in line w/ killing edge & fireblaze is a better solution. +3/3 and also gains flying if it’s a dervish.


well, you used to be able to give tigers blast. i think flying, while good, would be nowhere near as oppressive and it could be a step in the right direction to making it viable again


Astral Phasing exists. +3/+3 for 3 is just disgustingly broken on almost any other minion: hell, it’s disgusting on Zirix’s BBS dervishes. I often close games with Third Wish and I almost feel dirty for it.


This is the right answer if we’re looking to buff Third Wish. Now that Pantheran is a thing I don’t want to limit it so much to Dervish finishing moves.


vetruvian is broken as it is.


To reiterate what firstgokun said a +3+3 flying buff that could hit any minion would be ridiculously broken. Old blast 3rd wish was mentioned and although flying is definitley a weaker ability it still has the property of allowing any minion on the board at the start of the turn to hit anything it wants for a bunch of damage (this is why songweaver was nerfed). Think of it combined with cards vet already uses, 4/4 mini jaxi with ranged flying, 3/13 tombstone, replulsor beast and demon whip cant save you from amara, falcius can hit anything for six if it survives a turn, honestly I can’t see any deck not using 3 and three spelljammer to just melt through anything with unstoppable aggro. Dispell can obviously kill the minion before it attacks twice but you only have so much dispell and amara or nimbus is coming eventually.


Especially the Serpenti part. I shiver to think about this scenario.
I think giving only one part of the buff to non dervish minions is definitely a very good idea.