Short pause time for disconnect


Recently my college internet has become shaky and it causes me to drop for like a minute in some random occurrences.I was wondering what everyone thought about cp making something like a pause feature when there is a disconnect. I was thinking somewhat similar to DotA where the game will pause if someone drops. It wouldn’t even have to be long. It could be something like 30 seconds before the match continues and the turn clock starts running. That way if someone disconnects they aren’t having to fight against the clock to get their whole turn down before the clock runs out. What do you guys think?


It’s fine and actually something very basic. I’m not sure is the process on implementating it hard, costly or what so ever, but cp is not doing it yet. Maybe you can try sending in a suggestion to them by I highly doubt they’ll read it or implement it soon. You can only hope they’ll listen and actually do it, since that isn’t the only issue with the game.


It’s something we can look into, but no promises on anything past that.