Shitstorm on steam


Have you guys seen this whole shitposting on steam community about recent Humble Bundle free orbs? They’ve written so many negative reviews it’s freaking ridiculous. What do you guys think about it? Will this affect community as a whole?


Luckily no one sane visits, lets alone cares about a cesspool called steam forums.

And no, it won’t effect the community as nothing bad happened. People just have no idea how promotions work and are butthurt about not getting more free stuff than they’ve already gotten. Sure, some people will write a bad review about the game because of it but I doubt the amount of those people is relevant to change the general score of the game in any significant way.


In the past two days there have been 35 positive reviews and 17 negative reviews, which is 67% positive vs the current 1460 reviews that are 88% positive overall. If we were to extrapolate the next two months from this rate of positive/negative reviews we’d be looking at a drop from 88% positive to 77% positive at about the time of the next expansion. As far as controversies go that’s really not that bad, I’ve seen a lot worse on steam reviews. And this all assumes that the rate of reviews remains the same when in reality we should get bursts of reviews surround events like steam release, or the next xpac release. Moreover, over time people forgive/forget/are ignorant of particular PR booboos of the past and will simply review the game as they see it in the present. So realistically we will see less of a percentage drop than my simple extrapolation predicts.

Yeah, counterplay may have made some PR booboos recently and could have timed the humble bundle better for people who started on steam release, but as far as reviews go they’re still in very good shape. The game itself is solid enough or it would never have achieved that 88%.


I haven’t seen one bad professional review on this game.Anybody who does due diligence researching will come across the right info.


Disputable decisions made from the company result in shitstorms these days.

I don’t get why someone can be angry getting something for free. (And I also don’t get why CP cannot give everyone the same, but ok.) But we had it in the near past that the faithfullest of the faithful don’t get for their money what they could have expected…

So I would not be astonished if this isn’t the last shitstorm.


As usual I’m just overreacting nothing really happened, just a bunch of kids crying that they didn’t get free packs that’s all and of course I will never enter that forum again (I don’t want to get cancer).


It’s hardly unanticipated. =S

The chosen Humble Bundle cutoff date that’d given rise to the “Steam anti-sweet spot” for starting dates virtually guaranteed shitstorms of negative Steam reviews from “Steam anti-sweet spot” starters. The devs were probably fully aware that the shitstorms of negative Steam reviews were coming when they selected the cutoff date, but were simply unimpressed by the anticipated magnitude of negative impact on Duelyst’s Steam rating. =P


Raging about free stuff is dumb, but i would be pissed off also if i would start playing some game, buy orbs etc and then, company who made game would say “there is stuff u bought for free, but not for you because u started playing couple days earlier” :confused: Bonus orbs should be also for players who started playing with steam release date because many people joined at this realease.


It’s clear that while Steam is nothing more than a milestone on Counterplay’s Roadmap towards mobile gaming market-- Steam is too important to ignore for any online game, but not really “make or break” for any game that requires more than 15-50 hrs investment to “get into”…

Hex also “bombed” on Steam for not making things easy enough for newbies/ f2pers-- though in the case of Hex, it was because there was NO special offer for anyone… which actually encouraged the veterans to be really FRIENDLY to newbies, frequently gifting them cards and such (Hex forums are all pretty quiet because in-game Trade-Chat is alive 24/7)

But then Hex makes their money on the “pay-to-play” hours-long competitive drafts from players who dig the mechanics of the game, not casual playing around with Hex from Steam.

So it is clear that the Humble Bundle will to do more for Duelyst in attracting players who want use the 20 free orbs to rank up, and then decide if they will stay-- AFTER they have gotten into the game…


I recently started playing, debated for a while whether or not to get the $10 orb pack. The bugs I’ve run into so far are unsettling, but ultimately decided to support the devs and buy it because it’s a fun game.

Even just trying to buy the $10 pack involved working around a bug, but okay, whatever.

Now I see they’re giving away 20 free orbs, but to new accounts only? What even is this. Meh.

Even though I didn’t get anything I wanted from the pack I bought, and haven’t gotten any significant amount of cards for the kind of deck I want, I decided against making a new account. With my luck I’d end up getting even more lame ass-byssian cards from the 20 orbs lol’

So in conclusion, save the whales and vote MechaTails for class president rofl


I can only say that negative reviews, even if they may be written half assed or pure rage definitely have an impact on potential buyers… yeah u read that right, BUYERS
so I doubt it will affect duelyst much, still such fkups with buying orbs is ocourse a dick move and should be avoided, because if that repeats people may lose trust and refrain from investing any bucks


Exactly my thoughts, having seen CP just give 20 orbs like this nothing I can’t stop wondering why should I spend any more money on this game?

Duelyst is still a fun game to play, but just not worth spending real money after this humble bundle crisis imho.


I started with Steam, and have played almost daily since then. Is 20 free orbs a great giveaway for brand new players? Yes. Do I wish I could get it without starting a new account? Yes? Does it in any way make sense for me to say the game isn’t worth playing, or even paying for, just because CPG decided to give a boost to brand new players? No. Not at all. It’s silly to say you would have paid for it before, but now that new players are going to get a few extra legendaries, you suddenly don’t find the game worth paying for. It’s an outstanding game. Was before; still is. There is no crisis. I got lots of things I can complain about — things I think can be improved. This isn’t even on the radar.


Honestly as someone who got the game to try on steam launch day, I personally feel like this promotion is just damaging their reputation, I want to play the game but with being so behind people that started after me I just can’t see myself sticking with it, like many people have said it would have made much more sense to give it to accounts made at and after the steam launch, rather then this arbitrary date.
So I can say personally that I think this was a dumb move on counterplays part, and the steam users are right in many aspects.