Shim'zar Spoilers Day 21: Dreadnaught, Wild inceptor



Great, the big dumb green dinosaurs just got harder to kill.
As a Vet player, Imma keep throwing Sand, Fire and Aymara Healers at 'em until they fall over dead.


Wait, a viable 6-Drop outside of Warjesus? Bless Cthullu. 2/3 Eggs are pretty good, same for giving rush to a minion (basically). Stats also aren’t thaaat bad i guess, fair price for their effect.

I am just not sure whether the Incubitator thing will see play or not, simply because Magmar already has Taygete and will get back Vet. Silithar, or put in other words: Magmar has like 5 cards you want to play in the 4 drop slot.


It doesnt give +2/+2 to eggs. It gives +2/+2 to minions that have rebirth that you summon.
So a Young Silithar would be 4/5, Veteran would be 6/7 and Elder would be 10/10.
Eggs are still 0/1 and easy to smash.


If that was the case it would specify Rebirth, and not just say Egg minions. Saying Egg minions in place of Rebirth would just be lazy on counterplays end.


Don’t think so, wouldn’t really make sense from the wording. For that effect they would most likely name it ‘rebirth minions’ not ‘egg minions’.

rip, 2 late


Haha! Sorry 'bout that.


Still a little unclear. Does a minion that dies, resulting in an egg, get the buff? Does ANY egg you create (egg morphs on enemies) get the buff? I dunno.



So does it buff its own egg? If not it doesn’t really seem that good, a semi-rare aura and 1 more health isn’t worth 2 more mana over vet. silithar

the sprite is really cool though


I guess we’ll just need a Dev to confirm.


I would have rather Wild inceptor be a 3 cost minion because it is hard to imagine playing this instead of Veteran Silthar,Taygete or Chrysilis burst or one of many good 4 drop neutrals.That said it still looks like a solid minion.

Dreadnaught doesn’t look game breaking and it will be interesting to see if you can set it up to do it job.Playing elder on to a board with this minion makes more usable which I like to see.


Think about all the (improbable but cool) strats you could pull of with wild inceptor tho, say you have a warbeast on board from last turn, you could attack with it (and assuming it survives), egg morph it into a flash Wild inceptor, and attack again. Or do the same with taygete, or any minion thats beefy with a potent effect. Cause remember minions that hatch from eggs have rush now, so I’m assuming the same would apply to minions egged by egg morph.


You may have a point, although it says “Egg Minions” and not just “Eggs”, so that lead me to believe it buffs rebirth minions.


That would certinaly be very cool, and probably make it insanely viable coupled with young/veteran silithar, or maybe even Elder if your feeling greedy.


If someone would be kind enough to ask a Dev and post the confirmation here?
That’d be awesome.


I agree with Phayze, some confirmation would be very welcome.


Wild Inceptor, too situational and too expensive unfortunately.

Dreadnought, assuming it give +2+2 to all eggs and doesn’t buff his own eggs (since he will be dead), I think the card is once again too expensive for what it does, at 5 mana the card would have been perfect at 6 it is just too much.


I think Wild inceptor is fairly costed, but I agree with dreadnaught, unless it buffs minions with rebirth as well.


I am assuming eggs alone but would love rebirth minions are considered egg minions.If rebirth included it means rebirth minions got a hit to their stats because all rebirth minions are sturdy minions


Assuming it means ‘eggs’ and not ‘rebirth’, it would not. Because it would be an egg, and so it’s aura would not be active.

It seems decent enough though, it means a rebirth heavy deck will actually be extremely hard to kill without extra resources being thrown at it. More importantly, it means eggs won’t be pinged off by Shadow Creep.