Shimzar Spoilers Day 20: Pax


You don’t have to go to a convention to enjoy this Pax! Welcome Vetruvians new pet Pax!


Good for dervish synergy, generates 2 extra 2/2 bodies out of 1 for 2 mana (after it dies). For a battle pet, this could be okay for Zirix and generating board presence~


Can’t tell this cards quality. It’s Stats are trash but it spawns 2 bodies which are a target for third wish and other dervish synergy cards, at the same time those bodies have ass stats as well and the spawns are random, sooo…
Also, since when is Vet the Dying Wish faction? :smiley:


at long last, the sand cat from the art


This gets my vote as the best battlepet revealed to far. The 2/2 bodies are relevant since they don’t die to 1 damage AOE or pings and the initial body is good enough. The fact that this is a battle pet does not matter too much, since the 2 iron dervishes are what really do the work. Essentially, this is an Orb Weaver that survives AOE.

Also, since Duelyst minions compare quite closely to Hearthstone minions, this is a scaled down Savanna Highmane. For those of you who played the latter, let that sink in.


I mean, there is wind shrike and Amyra healer :wink:. Just imagine unseven being run in vet decks~ I feel like they have the draw to make it work


True, forgot about Shrike. A purpose for unseven would be great :smiley:


I mean Vet has arguably the strongest dying wish minion, Aymara plus Wind Strike and Oserix. It’s the faction with most dying wishes tied with Abyssian I believe(Reaper, Vorpal, and the 2/1 that drop a shadow creep, I forgot its name:/).


Its technically 2 mana for 4 mana worth of stats divided by 3 bodies.


Sure. But all its bodies die to a general attack.


the expansion is looking good.

so many card to try. i would say this is one of the better battle pets.

i’ll try it.


we know battle pets will act at the start of your turn, so if this cat thingy attacks and dies will the 2 iron dervishes that spawn be able to act or will they be exhausted?


They’ll be exhausted because they’ll be summoned after the start of your turn, like any other “dying wish: summon X” minion.


It’s a cool sand cat. 'Nuff said.
Personally, this alone beats all the Vanar stuff in baller level. I mean, look at that glare.


A strictly better version of orb weaver, looks like a decent card and the battle pet is not a big downside. I like it because it cannot be jammed in any deck but it favorise new vet archetypes.


Great stats, synergises with Inner Oasis and (lol)Portal guardian. Pretty good.


True, but to clear all bodies in 1 turn the opponent would need to have 3 minions within range to attack or an AOE spell after an attack. If they cant do that then you have buff 2 targets on board for 2 mana. Sounds like a good turn 1 opening play as on your second turn you can possibly kill the opponents 2/3 drop an have 3 minions on board.


I think that the fact that this battle pet is a dying wish effect makes it a very powerful card.
Since their IA programmed them to die, you still get something out of it.
And the effect isn’t as ugly as Fiz imo. Spawning 2 bodies is much more valuable in my eyes.


Very good card, i like inner oasis, so i like cards that synergy with it


Like the cheeky joke you inserted there :slight_smile:
But yes, this card is really strong because it’s a 2 mana 6/5 split in 3 bodies which is insane if you think about it (until they tempest it :disappointed: ).