Shimzar Spoilers Day 20: Allomancer


Harpu reveals Vetruvians newest unit here:

If you can’t wait however here is the card:


Okay, love the base design, but even I am starting to grow weary of the over-inclusion of RNG…


These dying wish effects… I think this could be good for absorbing dispells, and if it dies on your opponents turn, you can instantly get dervish value most of the time. The body seems okay for it’s effect as well :grin:


now we just need a 5 drop obelysk or even a 7 drop obelysk for this to be awesome


*to be cancerous Rot9M-type RNG


Yup, SO glad i didnt prepurchase shimzar \o/


I think that is is probably better than Diolatas in structure decks, since Obelisks usually are more valuable than a 0/10 provoke. The fact that it only summons Obelisks is very elegant since, when Counterplay wants to make a large, expensive structure, they would just make it not an Obelisk!

Think about it, these “summon a random thing from a poll of things” effects introduced in Shimzar are quite easy to control. The delta of randomness on this minion can be easiely contained simply by adding/ removing the word “Obelisk” from another card’s text. The RNG of this is comparable to Pandora (I would say that it is even lower!)


idk about this, another slow vet minion that does nothing when you play it and gives your opponent a turn to react. Vet is plagued by such minions and idk if adding more of them is going to help the faction not be trash tier unless they also rebalance some core cards.

Also think this is understated for a 4 drop, especially since it spawns an obelysk which (depending on which one it is) also takes a turn until it can do anything.


this will definitively go in my deck.

the only thing missing now is some new dervish.

there could be one in the remaining cards but i really would want another sand/iron dervish like the BBS.
just for style (and buffs).


Not bad, not bad at all. There are only so many obelysks, the current pool includes only 3, let’s say the expo adds 2 more, that puts it at about Pandora level of randomness. Still not Reaper of the Nine Dice. I’ll use it.


Well it would be Reaper Kinda randomness if we get a 6 or 7 drop obelysk, since your results can vary between 2 Mana and 6-7 Mana which sucks.


If obelisks stay between 2 and 3 mana the RNG won’t be too problematic.

The card is comparable to dioltas in terms of power level so it is very good , such a shame it doesn’t work with wind slicer. Of course we will have to see what additional obelisk they add.


Dioltas was pretty much standard.So this a lesser Dioltas with more faction syngery will be a solid fit.I am liking the general direction where vet is going instead of

2.Primus fist,Heal mystic,
5.Zen Rui
6.Amara Healer

We are getting

2.Windslicer,Etheral or Dunecaster,Pax
5. Scrab(Hopefully Nimbus)
6.Amara Healer

That isn’t amazing but it looks like you will be able to run faction minions and have a clear game plan.Allomancer and Nimbus are key minions because you kinda don’t want to put Obelysk in your deck but those two minions give you Obelysk.The faction may not be “fixed” but it has base now for the faction to be fixed before it had nothing


“Hey, no one is playing with Wind Shrike. Let’s fix it.”

“Sure, what if we took away Flying and then made it’s Dying Wish something barely more useful than drawing a card?”

“Great idea! But let’s just make that an entirely new card and leave Shrike alone.”

(high fives all around)

Playerbase: “…”


Why are we getting so many RNG cards? What purpose do they serve? Cards like obelysks and glacial elemental I can get, because this game isn’t built around triggered targeting, but get a random minion? Get random keywords? What the hell is this obsession with RNG?


because it’s a videogame using the medium to it’s fullest, and a 4/3 that gives me a Obelysk is a lot more interesting than a 5/3 that gives me an Ethereal Obelysk.


How is RNG using the medium to the fullest? You could easily emulate this sort of ability by letting us search our deck for the obelysk instead, allowing us to use strategic thinking instead of relying on fate. But we can’t even search libraries. This is just an attempt to emulate the hearthstone roulette type gameplay.


because you literally can’t have a random effect like this in a physical game.

because that would give it anti-synergy since making a new obelysk is better than playing one from your deck, also, if you’re playing a deck with all the obelisks it would be purely worse than it making a whole new obelysk and in no way would it cut down in rng.


I don’t get why people are getting so upset about this card being random (especially on Reddit), the same thing happened with grincher, and in the end of the day it wasn’t a pretty big deal (mostly because all his outcomes are basically good - at the worst you just replace the card). I think this card may follow that same logic.

First off all, it always gonna summon an Obelysk, and it don’t seem to be a pretty big deal honestly, as they have the same ways of working and are genarally easy to deal with anyway. Okay, ill gonna be guessing here but i believe all obelysks gonna have the Summon Dervish effect, so they will not work so diferently from each other, so again, maybe the variance will not be that huge as well. Like, i think you gonna be running this in a deck that wants a lot of obelysks and the outcome doesn’t matter that much, so why not have this randomness, to increase the difference in games slightly?

I personally like the idea of this card having a random effect, because you have to deal with the card gives you, and it gonna be different every game, and the variance is (hopefully) not that huge because of the similar way of working, which can be way more interesting than like, always getting an ethereal obelysk. Also, it’s way less annoying than the actual random dervish spawn from the obelysks.


You are absolutely correct, as a Vet player, I really don’t give a damn which one I get, honestly, the range is actually even smaller than Grincher. I mean, the difference between Horn of the Forsaken (Horn of the Forgotten *cough *) and Arc-Screw-You Regalia is pretty biiiiiig. The difference that differences between Obelysks is nowhere near that large. I mean, at worst, it would be annoying to get Windstorm, and at best it’d be nice to get Fireblaze (Or Soulburn, the new one coming out). All in all, they all do the same thing in the end, Summon Dervishes.