Shimzar Spoilers day 19: Icy


Icy a new Vanar battle pet on the horizon! Welcome Icy to Duelyst.


I like it, that opening gambit can come in clutch in certain situations


Stun generally isn’t generally all that useful, doubt it will see much play (though flash freeze does get used once and a while, so who knows?)


Looks fun. Been wanting more stun minions.

So…what card is LadyMyrr revealing today at 1pm PST? Or is this it? I thought she was revealing a Vanar battle pet. Will Vanar have 2 battle pets?


Seems pretty damn good, actually, you could gain a pretty good tempo swing by stunning their general early game

oh wait, it’s a battle pet

so if you stun their general it will just hit face


Not the worst outcome in an aggro/tempo deck…


Also kudos to @Ryvirath for these dreadfully awesome puns in her card announcements. :slight_smile:


Well once again hard to judge battle pet cards. If battle pets are good it will probably be decent, but if battle pet is a big downside I don’t think this card will see play. It is definitely the worst faction battle pet we had so far.


Icy what you did there :grin:


Depending on the AI of battle pets, this can range from pretty good to a 2mana limited range flash freeze that deals 2 damage.


Huh. It’s not a Rare? Interesting.

This looks pretty damn good to me! I think the power of Stun/Freeze is pretty underrated, and I expect this card to change a few minds on that. stunning Generals or threats can be a lifesaver, and a 2/3 body is probably strong enough to offset the Battle Pet drawback at 2 Mana. Guess we’ll see!


Stun is not that great when you have to use mana and cards for it. Like this, it is pretty darned good.


Thanks for the kind words :smiley: I am a guy btw.


Ya know, I actually went back and forth on that for a minute or so. Coin flip fail. My apologies.


Obligatory “did you just assume gender” joke <-- here.


Considering battle pet mechanics, this is essentially a stun a nearby enemy, deal 2 at the beginning of your next turn (without buffs). Who knows, with battle pets stun could be a lot more useful to help control yours and opposing battle pets.


Looks really interesting. Essentially a non-global beamshock with a 2/3 minion.
Could get really fun stunning an enemy general. Help stay on enemy side for infiltrate or wall smashing.

Mesmerize>Avalanche>Icy>Avalanche>Icy>Avalanche>Icy. You may never move again :smiling_imp:


Seems decent, especially against heavy hitters from Lyonar or Magmar. While the effect is quite limited compared to, say, Flash Freeze, it could equate to a removal if played right.

Alone, this card seems decent. However, synergies are what make or break Duelyst Minions and this has quite a few major one: Walls, Infiltrate, and Combo.

  • Walls: This is where I think this minion will truly shine. In the lategame, you can stun the enemy general in the middle of a field of blazing spines and watch them use valuable removal on your cheap tokens

  • Infiltrate and combo: Similarly, this can be used to keep the opponent on their side of the board to set up for Spirit of the wild or Huldra plays

Overall, a very versatile card that might make the Walls Archetype work.


Well, at least this battle pet has some decent potential to force some awkward situations in the early game. That’s something.


I like design of the card, it’s bad T1 play but it shines at late-game. where you can push opponent to their side and stun or stun on your side for avalanche. Best thing is that Stun cannot be silenced, so it’s almost removal for 1 turn.