Shimzar Spoilers Day 19: Bur


LadyMyrr reveals Vanars other cuddly companion over at :

If you can’t wait however here is the card:


Are the transformations just tokens and Vanar pets, or can this become any pet?

I think that this beats Snow Chaser as the cutest Vanar minion :innocent:


must… resist… cuteness…



#Value from random action.
Try to OS a 4/4 from Kara =D. Except if you are Vaath.


HOLY MOLY its so cuuute :smiley: I dont want him to transform to any other :smile:


Seems cute, and it might gain value unless it turns into Icy… yet could still have value if you get the right battle pet. Gotta love that penguin design though.


Seeing how most people play 2/3 minions and generals have 2 attack, this card can be absolutely insane (unless it’s card text isn’t retained when it changes…)!


Why would the cart text be retained? Only Bur has this effect, and Bur always transforms into a different Battle Pet.


Greetings from the eggy side! So cute! And valunerable I think.