Shimzar Spoilers day 16: Koan of Horns


Noxious reveals Koan of Horns here:

If you cannot wait however here is the card


I don’t understand anything anymore.


Looks more like a fun card rather than competitive legendary one…

I mean, like… well… at least strategy when playing this card is rather straightforward…

Ok, misread… there are 0-cost… well… I have never had so many different emotions toward one card.


Assuming you draw after the transform effect comes up:

No immediate impact on the board , and also requires you to have a certain amount of cards in hand before playing it (which is not always the case when you are this late in the game).

If you play a back stab deck it can refill your hand with killing edge and mist dragon seal to go with your gore horn, I can see the card as a 1 of in a very dedicated back stab deck, but it is far from the power level of sky phalanx.

I heard that ancestral divination is getting changed, such a shame I don’t think this combo would have been OP.


What even this is I don’t know. It’s…okay maybe?


Does… Not… Compute…

The turn this spell is played, you can slam down up to 6 gore horns. While they may die to AOE, this many Gorehorns are bound to deal some damage and get some backstabs in. The turns after this is played are less powerful. After dumping your hand, getting a gorehorn a turn does not seen too great. However, if the big push the turn this is played is enough to overpower the opponent, then this could be pretty good.


Now that is what I call a gutsy card. Perfect reveal for the jankmeister himself! I don’t expect to see this in S-Rank (tough luck triehards), but this is going to generate a lot of ridiculous moments!

Timmy’s of the world, rejoice!


It was mentioned in the video, FYI, that Ancestral Divination is going to be changed in Shimzar (to avoid the obviously combo with Kaon of Horns). I’ll be sad to see it go if it changes too much. I liked it.

As for Koan itself, definitely will be fun, but I’m not seeing myself playing it unless the meta slows down. By 8 mana, Songhai is usually starting to slow. This would pick it back up a fair bit…but if the opponent isn’t below 8 Health by then (in which case Spiral Technique is better), then what exactly was Songhai’s plan? It’s not like you throw this in as a “back up plan”.

Sky Phalanx remains king of the 8 cost spells. I do like this one though from a flavor standpoint.


Timmy3’s of the world, rejoice!

As the resident Timmy I am displeased by the lack of magmar cards. This card does seem fun though, I’ll grant you that…


So it would replace all your minions, but essentially allows you to summon anywhere from 3-6 gore horns. You could essentially create a wall of these.

Kaleos would have fun with this one, and since you get to keep your spells, juxta, MDS, IF and KE will still be viable tools.

In a sense, it’s almost equivalent to Sky Phalanx, it has less immediate impact but more potential.

I think it’ll be good in a late game top deck war because this allows you to essentially generate a board.

Finally. Circle of Dessication counters this one too, ha.
Obliterate counters everything tho, including your face.


yup, i was right, sorta. it is both a card that transforms your minions into gorehorns and a card that makes your opponent go WTF :rage:


Spiral does that quite nicely too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hahahahahahahahahahaha :joy:


Fascinating design, I love it. No idea exactly how good it would be, but it seems really, really interesting!


Ummm… :neutral_face:

Edit: I’m back! I needed a moment to recover from the shock…

Maybe something like…

3x Ancestral Divination
2x Juxtaposition
2x Mistdragon Seal
2x Saberspine Seal
2x Heaven’s Eclipse
3x Killing Edge
3x Inner Focus
2x Koan of Horns

Once you cast Koan of Horns, you can dump your entire deck in one turn with Ancestral Divination. Then if a Gore Horn survives (there’s no way your opponent can deal with 5+ Gore Horns at once), cast Heaven’s Eclipse for a huge combo :sweat_smile:

I see it as a fun card rather than a competitive one.


This card is very interesting. I can see decks running multiples of these on top of Heaven’s Eclipse and a truckload of cheap shat.

I mean, after the first one, it’s simply draw 3 cards for 8 mana, which isn’t so good normally, but most of your deck being 0-cost, 1-cost, and 2-cost (Mana Vortex-able) cards post-Koan is far from normal. Playing 3 less-than-late-game cards a turn for 8 mana isn’t weak if you are drawing a lot of cards, and you are drawing a lot of cards playing this.

The card’s downfall may be that Gore Horns don’t work with the godlike Mirror Meld, and with Mirror Meld, your best course of strategy is probably going to be shooting for not seeing that many 8-mana turns, to the exclusion of all other strategies. Still, this is massive deck cycling in addition to Heaven’s Eclipse. If you play properly, then it’s quite possible to make this work with Mirror Meld, especially when you can still combo Mirror Meld post-Koan with Reva’s BBS.

Imagine Songhai being able to break mana rules and dump hand with impunity consistently, while sporting the combo power of the best of combo decks, the cycling power of God Himself, all without running highly-situational combo pieces which are weak to useless without their narrow synergies which counter-balances the combination payoff. It’s a good time to be Songhai, you handsome ladies.


All i wanted…just something stupid…

You all will see until someone (maybe me) makes a deck that will get into rank 1 diamod (i dont say S-Rank because…yea…but its fun :3)


I would hope that Mirror Meld would work with 0-cost Gore Horns post Koan. In which case… #moreGoreHorns.


Didt think about that…gonna love using this card :3


A draw 3, transform cards into 0 mana gorehorns (3 max assuming thatthey transform before drawing). That also has synergy with shadow waltz. It’s definitely a good card for fun, and could be effective for draw. It isn’t the strongest, but its playable. Compared to sky phalanx, it’s a non provoke summon 3 draw 3 with backstab and backstab synergy.