Shimzar Spoilers 13: Klaxon


The bride of shadow creep has arrived onto the battlefield! Welcome Klaxon.



I am…


That rainbow claymore… I want it…


Oh look, it’s Vorpal’s significant other.

I think this card will be playable purely because even if it gets dispelled, it still has decent stats and remains a thread. And if it does work, then it’s great. Not Vorpal level of great but great nonetheless.


I guess Abyssian is turning into Lyonar/Vetruvian as another “ask your opponent for permission” faction. So, that’s three real factions and three wannabe factions. All that remains to be seen is whether Abyssian turns into Lyonar (decent reward for opponent giving permission) or Vetruvian (just plain indecent).


oh look, vorpals waifu. i still want more for lilithe in this expansion. if not, then swarm is dead


Random spaces… does that include spaces that already have shadow creep?


Common sense suggests otherwise.


This is a really odd comment. The game SHOULD be permission based since it creates a more interesting interactive environment. This card also doesn’t really set up combos (like DB+IG and… yeah I dunno what you are referring to when calling out Vetruvian on this front) so I don’t see how this is a must answer card either.


Common sense suggests it does include already creeped-out spaces. “random spaces”=all spaces in the game. (mana, creep etc), making the card slightly less powerful. That is why we need developer clarification.


It’s funny because in french Klaxon means airhorn ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  1. As I had said before, if I were making it, then I would nerf ALL the “no permission” factions (expecially Songhai), but if that wasn’t going to happen, then I rather there be four top-tier factions than three.

  2. I don’t yet know if this card is going to be a “must answer immediately” card or not. Will have to see some more Fallow Creep synergies. At this point, it honestly doesn’t look like it. If it is, then it is Divine Bond tier; if it isn’t, then it is Aymara Healer tier. That is basically the difference between a decent faction and a crap faction.


No. Common sense considering the way the game works suggests that it won’t be possible to lose creep spawns due to them spawning on the same place as another friendly creep. Sometimes you leave out things from card text to make it more concise, such things usually being implied mechanics such as this one.

For example, it’s common sense to imply that Kron’s tokens will have the same keywords as Pandora’s, ie no rush or force field. It’s common sense for L’Kian to generate random cards rather than drawing them from your deck due to the word “add” rather than “draw”. It’s common sense for Alcuin or any other card that has something to do with spells to work with BBS (unless specified otherwise) as it’s technically considered a spell despite not being a card.


Could you expand on each faction as wannabe and what the concept of “Ask your opponent for permission”?

I’m a very new player.


“Turn into” implies that it was no shadow creep before I think.


asking for permission is basically any effect that requires your opponent to let it happen like grow or dying wish. if there is a dispel or quick method of removal without triggering the effect then it is “asking for permission”

aymara healer is a prime example


im pretty sure it will not exclude tiles that are already creep. if you play shadow nova over one of your own creep tiles, the animation for creep generation still plays. meaning that if a space is designated for creep generation, it will still go through even if there is friendly creep already there.


I’m not shure - that’s because I wrote “I think”. I still do. :yum:
This shows, that card text space is really too short to give the players the full information they need. The new Magmar Minion is another example of that. There’s room for interpretation and that’s not an optimal situation.
But I have no solution for it because I’m not a fan of the idea to make the text on the cards longer…
I think best is to let it as it is and to accept, that some game mechanics have to be learned. That’s not good for new players but the longer you play the game the less of a problem it is…


I know it’s just a subjective impression, but the Abyssian cards released so far seem WAY overdone given that Cassyva is right now already at the top of the meta. Only Songhai appears to be even close.

I’m really confused. I hope there are better cards coming to deal with what they are doing with shadow creep or it’s going to be Cassy everywhere.