[Shimzar] [Scioness Sajj] [Diamond] Subjugate -- Vetruvian Control Deck


All my decks have been moved to a single post here, so go check it out! I will no longer update this post.

So, what's wrong with Shim'zar?
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I love it! Vet feels like such a solid faction now. FeelsGoodMan.


i never did main vetruvian because i joined after the third wish nerf following lasercat meta. but i’m seriously considering spending some dust on it now, i just made a sajj deck of my own (albiet with less legendaries :stuck_out_tongue: ) and am having a blast. I climbed from rank 20 to 10 almost solely on a single winstreak with it


Heh, I see what you did there.

So many people are coming over to Vet and honestly I’m a little bit jealous and a little bit angry, but that’s just me. ^.^


I hear you. I will always be saying to future players “When I first played Sajj, her name was so synonymous with trash-tier we’d say ‘feelsSajjMan’ uphill both ways in the snow.” xD

Nice deck! Have you tried running psychic conduit? I thought it was too gimmicky at first, but have settled into running x2 because of the amazing tempo you can get sometimes. Looking at your deck I’m not sure what I’d switch out for it (I personally am not a fan of allomancer, but only due to taste) but I’m curious what your thoughts on it are.


That 15k spirit cost has me



Awsome Deck. By spirit cost alone, you can tell that it is a Vetruvian deck :smile:.

The key with Sajj’s BBS is that, while its not spamable, it works miraculously on the occasions where it pulls through; like Kaleos, but much more extreme. Even if the BBS is only used once or twice a game, it can change the outcome in ways other BBS’s can only dream of.

I managed to climb to late gold with a similar deck, only with exclusively Vetruvian cards, but finally caved in and added Kron and Zen’Rui to get to diamond.


the list that i mentioned that got me to diamond is also pretty budget too. it only has 2 legendaries, 2 epics, and the rest are commons and rares


i actually wasn’t thinking about that :smiley:. it does use ankhs to great effect


Is spinecleaver that good? I always thought (my expectations only, I haven’t verified yet) that spinecleaver would only get to spawn 1 token at the turn you equipped it, and then the remaining 2 durability would get torn down immediately at the opponent’s following turn.



@godoftheforce TBH, Vetruvian was, and always will be expensive. Tis inevitable. @excogitator this guy gets it (and thanks for the praise!)

@deekester IMO Ankh + Spinecleaver is often wishful thinking.

@bublublub Yes. Because how do you remove durability? Spells, minions and general attack. The key part is recognising when to play it.

For example, DO play Spinecleaver against a 1/6 hand Lyonar with a Healing Mystic and 3 health minion on board.

DO NOT play Spinecleaver against a 6/6 Hand Songhai with a Bloodrage Mask on.


Falcius and nimbus almost single handed made vet good again they are like makantor and pre shimzar taygete


Do you mind if I add you as a friend in the game? I kinda want to look at your replays and see how you work with the deck.


Sure, add me at RoyalShrike.

EDIT: I just got Vetruvian Ribbon with this deck. God bless :’)

@oranos I’d argue that Falcius as well as Spinebreaker also helped a lot, especially Falcius.


Have you tried Entropic Decay? I built a very similar list, and i found Decay to be surprisingly good atm (as a 1-2 of), simply because Minions with effects that are ‘whenever this minion is damaged’ are pretty dominant right now (nimbus, taygete, fox and so on), because they abuse Pets. Also is good in the Lyonar Matchup, if you don’t have your BBS ready and can’t kill an Ironcliffe.


I’m not sure about 3 lightbender in this deck (that take a lot of place and mana for dispelling), and 2 Zen’Rui well that’s your choice about the Meta.

Maybe you can get a bigger advantage from something else ? For the rest, GOOD.


I tried Decay, but I found it overkill. Plus, Falcius + BBS can clear anything out anyways, no point filling your deck with stuff like that. If I’m staring down an Ironcliffe, Siphon Energy or Kron/Aymara keeps it at bay long enough for BBS to come back up.

@norfemignissius Lightbender is a must against Creep Cassvya, and it’s good against Nimbus and her gang of Obelysks.

Zen’rui is here because it’s a tempo swing, especially against the Vetruvian mirror match up; specifically, stealing Obelysks from Allomancer or Soulburn Obelysks can be a great tempo swing.

EDIT: Just won a game because I was able to clear the enemy’s Spectral Revenant, Dioltas and (stolen) Aymara Healer (after dispel), but sparing the Bloodfire Totem which pinged her to death. All with 1 Circle of Desiccation.


i don’t use spinecleaver, i use staffs and falcius to chip away at my opponent while i keep dropping value minions and provokes in their face to keep them away


5 win streak confirmed this deck is absolutely insane ive modified it some but omg thank you op!!!


Came back here to say a “thank you”.
I originally thought Spinecleaver was going to be smth like “Metamorphosis” tier - looks good on paper, too situational and expensive to actually pull it off.
Turns out Spinecleaver turns out to be amazing. Sometimes the cleaver manages to stay for a few turns, netting me 3+ totems. Falcius/BBS + Cleaver does wonders, and is tons of fun to play with. I probably would have treated the two cleavers I unpacked like my Astral Crusador/Oserix if you hadn’t made this decklist (didn’t follow the entire thing tho - I’m to poor to craft all those legendaries).

P.S. added you in the game. In-game name should match the one shown in forum.