Shimzar Replace Starhorn


Hey guys, i just wanted to share another decklist. This deck was originally intended to be a meme deck that i’d just use for laughs. but it actually held up pretty well in gold division, with a 65% win rate over 20 games. Here is the decklist, it’s missing 2 krons because duelystdb still needs shimzar cards

This deck is some of the most fun i’ve ever had in duelyst and if you want to see the kind of things it can pull off when you do well, Here is a video showing one of my best games with the deck

General Strategy:

the main point of the deck is to get either an aethermaster, kron, or widow to stick for a turn. usually you want to start with aethermaster because no one seems to expect how good they can be and they can help you fish for combo pieces. In the mulligan phase you want to hard mulligan for 2 drops, as always, aoe (such as kinetic or the taygete/flash combo), and kron or widows. when going second an extremely good play is to flash out kron, a lot of the time the value you get will just win you the game.

Why Starhorn?:

I’ve found that his bbs is amazing when you need cards to replace but really like everything in your hand already. it can also help you dig for combo pieces and tools for lethal. never use it if you have the means to kill an opponent in hand and they only have a few cards. you may just give them the answer they need to win.

Card Explanations and Replacements


Aethermaster: one of the core cards of the deck. if you don’t have any aethermasters, there’s really no point to playing this deck
Young Silithar: An all around amazing 2-drop, even more so after the rebirth changes. if you don’t have any i’d suggest primus fists or kujatas. but they’re common, it’s not that hard to get 3 and almost every magmar deck uses them
Skorn: these are one of the flex spots of the deck, they counter certain matchups hard but i find myself just replacing them most of the time. tigers serve as a good replacement if you need more direct damage
Sojourner: This card is your way of drawing cards without giving your opponent cards. it works well. spelljammers and l’kian are good replacements
Taygete: although slightly weaker after the nerf, she still does her job well, almost always trading AT LEAST 1 for 1. a lot of the time she gets even more value though. combine with flash for a 2 damage aoe around her. Good replacements could be dioltas or shieldmaster
White Widow: See aethermaster
Dancing Blades: Because of the fact that the deck is so topheavey. I’m seriously considering removing blades for more low drops. it’s still an insanely good 5-drop, but with kron in the game the 5 slot is getting crowded. sunset paragons work here too for more aoe.
Kron: speaking of kron, Here’s the main powerhouse of the deck. with just one aethermaster out this guy will come in with 8/10 of stats for 5 mana, even mord if you have multiples. If you set it up right you’ll be swimming in tokens and on your way to victory in no time. Easily a 3 of if i had more copies. There really is no replacement for him
Makantor: do i really have to explain this one?
Zurael: this is where you might be wondering, What is this guy thinking, but hear me out. This card has won me about half the games i did. You NEED minions like kron on board to accomplish you game plan. And if you get wiped you’ll be feeling pretty bad if you don’t have this guy to save you. Plus, i can say from experience, no one will be playing around this card. especially on turn 5 if you flash it out. it works wonders with almost every minion in the deck. so even if you only revive one minion you’re generally not too sad about it. keeper of the value can work too but it’s random and only gets back one thing


Flash Reincarnation: this card is amazing. because the deck is so top heavy this card helps a lot. the fact that it takes up a deck slot isn’t much of a problem since you have enough card draw.
Kinetic Equilibrium: I put this card in about halfway through testing and it helps a LOT. most notably against vet. KE synergises with taygete, kills a lot of rush stretegies, and helps deal with those pesky bloodfire totems since it hits friendly minions as well. You can replace this with any other form of aoe you like or put in more 3-drop minions
Egg Morph: Quite simply the best removal for magmar. it kills, klaxon, nimbus, aymara, and any other minion with a powerful effect without triggering it. against lyonar and vetruvian, keep one in your had at all times. you’ll need it. combos well with skorn to ping off the egg. You can replace it with NatSec if you want, but with rebirth minions and aethermasters. morph is just better
Metamorphosis: And last, but most definitely not least, we have Meta. It’s a pseudo-board wipe that’s good for the same reasons as egg morph. it can also be used to buy time if you can kill your opponent next turn, since the effect ends at YOUR next turn. it also hits mechazor. just want to point that out. Plasma storm is a viable replacement for it

Well, that’s about it, if you have any questions just ask. I hope you all have an amazing time trying the deck out :smiley:


No wings of paradise? No thumping wave? Both seem to help the deck kill the enemy. Right now deck seems to have no “burst” damage… besides mankator.

Also, have you considered greater fortitude?


i didn’t think about thumping wave, that’s a good idea. and i currently only have 1 wings of paradise


well, i replaced a skorn and a blades with thumping wave and it really is an amazing card. I’ve just never used it before. i’ve mostly used it for removal but the damage has come in handy a few times. plus you can make room for more kinds of cards for options considering how fast you cycle through the deck already


Glad to have helped :slight_smile:

Might try the deck myself, though I don’t have much time to play… :frowning:


it’s super fun, although it might not have the best win rate in the world. the games you do win feel amazing


I got absolutely steamrolled by some variation of this lol. (was something like turn 1 kujata into turn 2 kujata + aethermaster into Kron + Widow next turn). It looks pretty damn fun.


I’ve been giving this theme a try and this is what I’ve come up with. Feedback is appreciated:

Starhorn Fractal Replacing


The idea of the deck is to get aethermance and white widow rolling, and then cast Fractal Replication to multiply whatever will give you more value. The deck is still incomplete, as I do not own all the cards for experimenting or completing the deck.


  • Starhorn
    Starhorn’s BBS guarantees you have a replace target.

  • Flash Reincarnation
    Good to establish a holding early game, or to enable combos late game. Usually used on Kron, Widow or Sunsteel.

  • Greater Fortitude
    Included to help with survivability of early summons, nice to cast with manaforger for 0.

  • Razor Skin
    Experimenting. Cool that it leaves a replace target. Interesting after the board is crowded from replications or kron’s minions.

  • Aethermancer
    Fuels the replace theme. Helps find combo pieces and answers.

  • Ephemeral Shroud
    Standard dispel. Cheaper remove than egg-morph. Helps deal with things like provoke, health buffs and abillities that trigger on damage.

  • Healing Mystic
    Filling the 2 mana spot. Keeps minions on the board.

  • Manaforger
    Enables combos such as Widow into Fractal Replication (9 mana). Interesting 2 drop. Considering replacing it.

  • Blaze Hound
    Solid stats. Replaces itself. Helps find combo pieces.

  • Kinetic Equilibrium
    Crowd control. Doubles as a finisher after the board is crowded. Combos well with Sunsteel Defender.

  • Saberspine Tiger
    Great to reach and take out targets summoned far away. Helps as a finisher. Good T2 opening with Greater fortitude. Trades well early-mid game.

  • Wings of Paradise
    Replace theme. Can be summoned behind to get value from Fractal Replication later.

  • Sunsteel Defender
    Solid mid-game minion. Combos with flash reincarnation to help establish a board.

  • White widow
    Deck’s star. Helps control the board and deal damage to the enemy general. Reasonable stats, can be summoned closer to the front in a pinch. The opponents faces when you replicate them with an aethermancer on the board are priceless.

  • Fireblazer
    Budget placeholder for Kron.

  • Inquisitor Kron
    Get value from the replace theme. Solid stats with provoke, what’s not to like?

  • Fractal Replication
    Deck’s balance tipper. Once you can get a good target for Fractal Replication, the game should go in your favor.


This deck has been built as a way to try and make Fractal Replication work. It then turned into a replace deck, since that was a mechanic that could be exploited on the same turn replication was cast.

Since my collection is still work in progress, the deck ended up cheaper than expected. Inquisitor Kron while valuable, can be substituted by the fireblazer, which is also a good replication target.

Manaforger was in the deck when it had more spells, but has stayed as it enables more cards to be cast. Blaze hound and Starhorn make sure the action bar is never empty. This said, it sometimes get turns without value and therefore can be traded for something else.

I’m considering adding Elucidators, which are awesome finishers together with Flash Reincarnation and Replication. However, my ‘to the face’ playstyle often means I end up killing myself.


the deck looks cool, but in this meta i really think that you need either egg morph or thumping wave. if not both. there are so many things to use it on that i’m almost never sad to see it in my hand, and with kron, you should probably prioritize crafting at least 2 of him, he fits in practically every deck and when he gets nerfed you’ll get the spirit back :smiley:


Here is my Fractal Replace deck

Fractal is really cool on any of the replace units. it also has the potential to otk with Elucidator, tiger, or Mank. This deck sort of evolved into my control otk deck here,

It’s still solid on its own and is not nearly as reliant on the combo as the dedicated version. I only run the three replace units as they are the best. Bird can be good but I prefer tiger or Abjucator over it. And the 1 cost replace is sort of bad.