Shimzar orb experience thread


With Shimzar coming out, I thought I would make this thread slightly in advance. The purpose of this thread is simply to share what you got from your first, best (or worse if you want), and favorite cards that you’ve gotten by openning the new orbs. Lets share the fun (or salt) together with Duelyst’s first expansion :grin:!


Shoutout to @tundranocaps’ orb opening data gathering threat on reddit:

We already have the statistics from 1600 openings, but the more the better! :wink:

@t2k5’s script collection also has a tool that will gather the stats for you, so check it out: Link


1 epic battle pando, 2 rares and 2 commons =3 , and first 10 orbs i’ve gotten 4 legendaries



Myself and 5 other people in a Discord channel have all been having really below-average pulls from our preorder bundles - I got an average value of 112.5 spirit from each orb across 50 orbs, which seems astonishingly low. I’d normally dismiss that as just being RNG, but when most people on the Reddit thread are also reporting lower-than-normal drop rates, I’m concerned that they might have nerfed the drop rate without telling us. I’m really hoping that this isn’t the case and that it can just be explained by variance - considering that I’ve been saving in-game gold and IRL money for the Shim’Zar expansion, the idea that the gold that I’ve been saving might have been worth more before the patch than afterwards is pretty insane.

If it’s just me, then I just got unlucky and that’s that.


I opened 17 packs and saw zero ledgendaries and only 4 epics. My sample size is comparatively small, but I feel like no ledgendaries in 17 packs is incredibly few compared to my experience thus far in this game. I sincerely hope this is all just some bad variance, and a little bit of paranoia on our part.

Side note: I had 5 prismatics total


I dunno mate i’ve gotten 15 legendaries out of 50 packs, and 900 spirit from extra cards.


I had 4 legendaries in 8 orbs. I guess that´s really lucky then.


So many stats in this thread… ><. I kinda wanted this to be more of an experience of what you got rather than the chances of getting certain rarities (BTW, I got like 13 legendaries from 90 packs, and got a lot of duplicates, 3200 worth not including prismatics). However, I’m glad it’s being used for a good cause :wink:. The fact that the rates appear to be lower is startling, possibly due to the smaller size of the expansion compared to the continuously growing classic set


I got 2 legendary out of 4 orbs. I feel that only people with unlucky drops are the one posting about it (I mean its totally understandable after many have saved money for these pulls.) therefore making it look like everyone getting bad pulls. Hope you get cards you need in future orbs.


1 legendary for 20 orbs. You must be joking rng?


11 legendaries for 23 orbs :smiley:


8 Legendaries (two prismatic) out of 23 orbs. VERY low number of epics. Maybe 3.


I got about 5 legendaries total. All were weapons. Pls. :neutral_face:


Opened 100 orbs. I feel like I got decent pulls overall, namely because I happened to open 1 orb that had 2 legendaries, 2 epics, 1 common. That was awesome and only the second time I’ve had 2 legendaries in one pack. The other 99 were the normal average I suppose.


Was extremely excited to open ghost azalea out of 23 orbs (5 legendaries in total)! Probably my favorite card this expansion.


Please use the updated thread! :smiley:




Also, I got 12 legendaries from 54 packs!


when opening some of the orbs the server said that they’ve caught a snag and that I couldn’t open the orbs, then after that msg popped up I lost like 57 orbs lmao XD