Shim'Zar Gauntlet! What are your thoughts on it?


Ey guys!

So, ive been playing a lot of gauntlet recently, and im actually surprised on some of the cards that Shim’Zar brought. Basically, because a lot of these cards dont see any play in constructed, but become actually really strong in Gauntlet.
And thought i always play a lot there, new expansions bring that fresh and unique sense that just feels so good!

Personally, i got some surprises with magmar:
thumping wave is the obvious one, working as a finisher AND removal got me some out some difficult situations.
Natures confluence: i just love this card in gauntlet, summoning 4 units out of nowhere in this mode can get out of hand for the opponent, specially if this gives you rex or gro. :heart_eyes:
Mandrake is just awesome too for keeping up the pressure!

Some other cards i liked or plain love to play:
Battle pets are really good in general terms, the fact that they have higher stats help a lot in terms of not only face damage but trading, which is a really importante resource in gauntlet.
Golden Mantela is nothing extraordinary, but refills your hand and board, and it ccan give you oni which is extremely annoying here.
Rawr … gosh, loved playing him, but hated it when on the opposite side. Really really strong in gauntlet, gives you a lot of value :scream:

So, have you been playing gauntlet post shimzar? what are your opinions? Which cards surprised you? Have you been dissapointed by any? :slight_smile: