Shim'zar Gauntlet Draft - Undefeated 12-0 with Songhai


Hey guys, here’s a post-Shim’zar video showing a full draft and run where I went undefeated (12-0) in Gauntlet, this time with with Reva Eventide of the Songhai faction. As always, I discuss my picks and plays and I “think out loud” as I play. :slight_smile:

Naturally it’s a long video, but I put quick links at the beginning if you want to jump around to watch different games.

I finished last month as S-Rank #20, but my main focus is Gauntlet where I average ~8 wins per run. If you’d like to watch me play live where I interact with viewers, answer questions, and where you can discuss plays with me, be sure to check out my twitch channel here:

I normally stream around 11pm PDT until 2am on weeknights, and I get started a little later on the weekends.

Thanks for watching! :slight_smile:


nobody is suprised your 12-0 gauntlet run is with reva.


Nice to see a gauntlet main player, definetly cheking your vids :grinning:

The other day i got a 12-1 with reva lol shes so strong.


Haha! Reva is definitely good, but Vanar is more consistently strong at the moment.


I’d categorize Reva and Kara as God-tier at the moment. Even bad decks with both usually skate above 7 wins for me. They are probably pretty even in power, but I think Reva might be a bit stronger. If you get one or two of that 3 damage aoe as Kara, though, it can really help dealing with Reva, not to mention the other busted swarm possibilities for things like vetruvian in gauntlet right now.


Newbie here wondering, I haven’t had the chance to play against a Reva, but why is it considered God-tier?


You will see when you meet her in the gauntlet. She puts such an amount of pressure that’s insane.


Heartseekers are simply annoying to deal with, especially with buffs such as Killing Edge and Deathstrike Seal or other ranged minions that absorb removal/dispel. Hence even mediocre drafts can do very well as long as you position correctly. Then there are also standard Songhai burst options, like Spiral Technique and Phoenix Fire, and valuable minions such as Lantern Fox or Four Winds Magi.

I’m not the most experienced Gauntlet player (I started playing it when it went 24/7, got to 150 wins so far) and I don’t really like Songhai as a faction, but I haven’t had any 8- wins Reva run yet.


It’s ranged minions in general. Between Widowmaker, Heartseeker, Ki Beholder, the neutral ranged minions you pick up and, of course, your BBS which can create a Heartseeker every 2 turns, there generally aren’t enough tools is most opponents’ decks to deal with so many ranged minions.

Here’s an example. Let’s say you are P1 against Vetruvian and you drop a Vale Hunter (or you’re P2 and drop Widowmaker) on the back column. Their best answer is Siphon Energy (or maybe a flyer like Putrid Dreadflayer/Wings of Paradise) to contest it.

Then you Killing Edge it and chew up the next 3-4 minions they play while they try to get close enough to dispel it using a minion or kill it with tiger.

A buffed ranged minion on the back line is the Achilles heel of Vetruvian because there are so few answers. To make it worse, sometimes you aren’t even offered a siphon energy - or, if you managed to get one or two, you might not draw them.

Other factions tend to have more tools to deal with ranged but, again, sometimes they don’t have them, and by the time they draw it, you will be so ahead on board and tempo that they’ve already lost.

Then there are combinations like Bloodborn Spell (create a Heartseeker) + Inner Focus + Killing Edge + kill one of their minions. You’re spending 2 cards to remove one of theirs and leave a massive threat on the board that simply must be answered.

Even if they kill it - that’s 2 of your cards for 2 of their cards - a fair trade, and this is the “best” possible case for them.

There’s just not enough ranged hate readily available in Gauntlet and Songhai can run away with games as a result.