[Shimzar] [Faie Bloodwing] [Diamond] Hearthfire -- Vanar Vespyr Aggro Deck


Hey all, thanks for the love! <3

All my decks have been moved to a single post here, so go check it out! I will no longer update this post.


What’s your opinion on Iceblade and Huldra so far?

It also seems like snow rippler is too situational to be very effective, unless your opponent is forced into leaving their general on their side of the board for some reason.


This looks like a really cool deck but I have no aspect of the mountains. What would be a good replacement?


Do you have Draugar Lords? It’s not the same but it’s a big dude at least.

@tx549 do you mean White Asp? It’s too overcosted.

Snow Rippler is a very strong threat. It’s a fantastic body, has Frostfire synergy. It’s relevant all stages of the game: early game, it pressures the enemy General to move, mid-game (hopefully you’ve beaten him back) it gives you card draw and late game it’s just a good Vespyr body to buff.

Huldra is too greedy. Maybe good in a Kara Cheese deck.


I was referring to dryad. I’ve had nothing but wins come out of huldra.
That surprise celerity can melt people


I think Dryad is too situational. If you’re playing worst case scenario (aka all your Vespyrs get cleared), Dryad is a dead card. Same with Huldra.


Personally I’ve never not wanted something to have +1/1 and flying. Especially when I can throw down a razorback or huldra the next turn and get some solid damage in.


If you have no vespyrs and can’t get more you probably are going to lose regardless… it doesn’t seem too situational to me, given the deck. And the upside is good enough for the “risk” imo.


I tried running Dryad and Huldra once. This is what happened:

For 3 turns straight, I had both Dryad and Huldra in hand, but no Vespyrs. I kept replacing both and got Frostfire, Frostburn or Snow Chaser. The latter was removed quickly, I couldn’t keep up and I lost.

I’m sure you can make it work somehow but I’m staunchly opposed to cards that require wishful thinking.


Both Dryad and Huldra are much better in a minion heavy Midrange Vespyr Kara.

They really have no place in an aggro deck since they are “win more” cards which allow you to capitalize on your minions. And it is much more profitable in Kara - her minions tend to be big.

Moreover, after even one tick Dryad turns into a solid tempo play even without her OG proking - 4/4 for 3 is okay.


I don’t think the deck is fast enough to justify calling it aggro. It really just seems like midrange with few burst cards as wincon after the board control is established. But other than that the deck it looks decent I guess. Even though I’m not sold on Wailing Overdrive. The effect for the cost is fine but the fact how you can only use it while infiltrated kind of kills it for me.


Try it before you hate it!

Actually, when the enemy General runs away all scared-like, just plop Wailing Overdrive onto a minion, then Hearthsister it back over to his face.


I think the fastest I’ve beaten someone with this is by 7 mana (going first), so that’d be…Turn 5? Crystal Cloaker got Frostfired a bunch of times, Wailing Overdrive combined with some General hits and Warbird. Don’t think I’ve ever hit turn 10+, most of the time I kill them under that.


I am trying 1 frostiva + 1 kron cuz i only have 1 frostiva
But may i ask why do u choose frostiva over kron? Kron seems bring more value to out of the games i played, and usually i find myself replacing frostiva unless i am very ahead. Nice deck anyways :smiley:


Frostiva Spawns Vespyrs. Kron Doesn’t.


But does that vespyr tag worth that much?


In standard aggro faie the big reason for running cloakers which are vespyrs is the fact how you get shit ton of value when you place frostfire on them. T1 cloaker into T2 frostire + primus fist or whatever often just wins you the game. So yeah, it’s definitely worth it in more aggressive decks.


And because the 3/3s can be used for Frostfire, can proc Glacial Elemental, all that jazz.


Which website that I can make my deck like your image?


Just look up manaspring. The website is in Russian but there’s a tab called “DECKBUILDER” in English.