[Shimzar, Cassyva] Malevolence -- Abyssian Control Deck


Hey all, thanks for the love! <3

All my decks have been moved to a single post here, so go check it out! I will no longer update this post.


Why only one obliterate? I don’t think you should be using more than one a game, but with only one copy, you might never get the finisher you need… I think

I think with the powerful early game and shadow sisters, promise shieldmasters can be replaced with something more “greedy”, like a 3rd klaxon or second obliterate

Other than that, looks like a solid deck!

Your thoughts on the matter?


I understand. But we have to analyse:

1/39 chance of pulling Obliterate. This is greatly increased by our 2 Rite of the Undervaults, which we have 2/39 chance of pulling (at the worst).

The thing is, deck space is very tight. What would you replace for a 2nd Obliterate? Besides, a 2nd Obliterate, like you said is redundant. Anyways, up to preference / how lucky are you feeling that day.

Shieldmasters are actually very important because they tide you through the midgame. What provokes do are actually diverting resources: minions that could have killed your Shadow Sister you drop next turn went to die against the Shieldmaster; spells that could have hit your face hit the Tombstone instead.

Thank you for your point of view though, will definitely consider it!


I see what you’re saying, forgot to factor in the double rite! It’s just that with the abyssian 4 drop slot you have juggernauts, shadow nova, dioltas, and shadow sister already, also kind of ghost azalea.I’d rather have more support for the late game, like another klaxon. Does the mid game need more support? Because I understand shadow nova and abyssal juggernauts aren’t exactly 4 drops.


Late game options (if you insist! is pretty much limited to Spectral Revenant and Arcane Devourer. The reason I don’t put in more than 2 6+ drops is because I don’t want to skew my curve that hard. But do come back and report if you find Spectral Revenant useful!