Shim' Zar is out, but we still don't know what this unit is


A bit of background: this unit first appeared almost a year ago as concept art. It is most well known for being the art for the “neutrals” category on the Duelyst Wiki. However, not much else is known about it’s ability, or when if will be released.

We know that this unit has been in development for some time now, seeing how it appeared, with complete attack animation, in a sprite video features in November of 2015:

Judging by sprite alone, this unit looks very Vetruvian. Like most Vetruvian units, it has a white mask covering its face, a gold and brown colour scheme, and blue aura in its attacks. However, that fact that it is shown with other neutrals in the video and is the neutral icon of the wiki also suggests that it is a neutral. Maybe, this unit is the infamous Rasha depicted in chapter 20 of the lore and the card “Rasha’s Curse.” It would explain the Vetruvian-esque design for card associated with Neutrals.

Some other sprites shown in the pixel art videos also didn’t make it into Shim’zar, but those are far less mysterious than this one. These were shown alongside battle pets, so it is likely that they are battlepets.

The Mystery Unit

Ooooh, looks cool. Yeah, it would be pretty cool if it was Rasha, although it might be a concept for the Vetruvian Grandmaster (There is one expected for each faction) We’ve got (L) Z’ir,(S) Zendo released and (A) Variax (WHY? WHY DOESN’T HER NAME START WITH Z!?) teased.


Wouldn’t it be cool if he’s called “Grandmaster Rasha”? I wonder what his abilities/stats would be. Will be interesting to see what the developers decide.