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Shidai MkII skin revealed


The day the world will burn is approaching :fire::smiling_imp::fire:


Niiiiiccceeeeee 15 char


Will this make me play mantra again?


That castloop though. :fire:


6 arms y’all…


the original castloop is way better imo


I suppose maybe, but that expanding circular wave/aura thing honestly looks too good.


So is Ciph MkII gonna get legs?
Is Rag MkII gonna get EVEN MORE SWOLE?


Is Maehv MKII gonna get even more Masochistic


I predicted it lmao, steel hurricane Shidai


Are we getting an abyss ball gag?

Askin’ the big questions here


Not the first thing I would think of but okay…


looks like she’s about to fight like men

and ladies

and ladies who dress like men

for shidai…

It’s Mantra time!

i really hope somebody gets this

do i need to say something about a walkway over water? a particularly large one?

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