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Shidai Meditate+ornate higoi+kensho vortex

OK just want to put this decklist out there so ppl can make their own build or have it work. i am by no means a pro nor own all duelyst cards just used what i have in my collection. So here i was decided to start play shidai today made this deck and literally played one game and i was like this shit is funny here’s my decklist and replay to see what i was testing … hopefully someone can transform this into a viable list but meditate surprised me

replay showing the kensho vortex hiogi in action https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-L8wc0cEOlGunKXlFU65

version 2
this feels hella fun i wont lie win or lose i like complicated decks over auto pilot decks any day

Calm down Kevin, making this is @eurasianjay’s job.

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oh he made a list?

Making mantra great again is his job.

it isn’t? i thought rotation did shidai good(and was already good in the first place)?

lol the deck is trash i got extremely lucky in my first game but no worry im gunna have fun tweaking and will update between today or tomorrow

version 2 updated

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