Shidai is crap?


I have a feeling that Shidai can’t play anything other than Mantra. Other archetypes (even Arcanyst!) seem better with other generals.


Discuss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:









You are certainly playful today :joy:


Arcanyst Shidai is cool. . . :sweat:

Kaleos is better tho. . .


…I appreciate you. :joy:


Yet Pierced had multiple high profile tournament runs with Shidai midrange MakesYouThink.

In general though you have to except that random spellprocs can only be built around in so many ways to synergize with your gameplan, and usually that translates to Arcanysts, Mantra and Artifact Songhai for her backstab and added movement properties. (even if imo Reva is the better option for the latter)


I play Stabhai with Shidai. Fight me. Kaleos Xaan is too much of a pain in the back (pun intended) for his BBS. On a serious note, I enjoy card draw, more versatile positioning choices, and a pleasant 1 mana mould for Killing Edge. Also, Orizuru becomes much more valuable with a 1-turn backstab, although I bring Orizuru mostly for positioning purposes. On a side note, if you are playing Stabhai without Orizuru you are a sinner.


OOOOH i was wondering why there were a lot of sink pics. :facepalm:


I still didn’t get it.

On topic: I play Shidai spellburn without Mantra and feel fine. Actually, I think there are several subtypes of spellburn, all of which can be played with Shidai but not all of which have a place for Mantra.

I can play some friendly matched against you @alplod if you want.


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