Sharing the happiness! 1st time S-Rank :D


Hi Everyone!

Well, i guess the title is pretty self-explanatory. Just hitted S-Rank for the 1st time, and im reaaaally happy about this! so i thought about sharing it :smiley:

I play a lot honestly, a bit of every faction and a lot of gauntlet. But this season i decided i was tired of hitting rank 2 at the most and that i was going to spend all the gaming time in ranking. No more gauntlet!
Quite few times i got frustrated, because i couldnt go pass rank 2, and yesterday i had a quest with Abyssian so i started playing, and the deck worked out pretty well and got me to rank 1! I decided to keep on pushing and just went into S-Rank! I cant believe it lol!

it makes me double happy knowing that i used to play HS and could never get into legend. So it kinda feels like a double acomplishment really.

There were some reeeeally hard matchups and a lot of them seemed lost and yet i won them. Im actually surprised. Thanks to all the excelent players i met along the way!
Special mention to some pros i lost and won againts: Mogwai, Hsuku, Grincher, F8D.


Well, just that basically. If anyone is interested, here is the deck list! I made some changes here and there, but pretty much the original one. Its a really standar swarm abyss.



Here is some music i used to get in the mood. I think it goes really well with abyssian host :joy: :

One last thing i wanted to say: if i could do it, you can do it too, believe me.

Supper Happy, i could talk all day :smile:

Hope you guys have a nice day! Seeya :smiley:


Congrats polinchi! :slight_smile:


Thanks oh memey-decks-lord Qeltar :smiley:


why’d you have Skorn in that list? It seems counterproductive. And the singleton deathwatch buff didn’t bother you either?


Congrats getting up there, fellow duelyst player \o/ ! I hope you enjoy your stay in the land of either complete memes or the ultimate hard core decks :stuck_out_tongue: !
Congratz again man! :tada:


@maelrawn hey man! No, actually Skorn was the MVP in most of the games. It seems weird at first sight, but he honestly works even better than i expected: he helps you picking up things without having to use your lures, deals face damage and helps you trigger your deathwatches. Take for example the funny moment i posted. He is hard to play actually, but with a priestess on board, you can just play him and you wont ve losing stuff.
And yeah, maybe add another crescendo could be good, but i only have one :smile:

@mrenderman hitted S-Rank and crafted my 1sy sphynx. So yeah, memes are getting dropped lol jjajaja


Congratulations ! Wait for me, I’ll get there some day :stuck_out_tongue:


Congrats :slight_smile: