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Share your most memorable satisfying moments playing duelyst


What was your most satisfying moment playing this game? What’s the game you’re proud of the most? Share below :smiley:

This was mine:
When I slayed an entire army of arcanysts in a single turn



I don’t have a replay of it because it was so long ago, but I built a (terrible) combo deck around double kujata + dance of dreams + twin fang + a bunch of tiny minions and actually killed my opponent like turn 4 the first time I played the deck – it never worked quite as well again, but man was that a sick combo to pull off first try



Honestly, I have four satisfying moments

  1. Despite my enemy having a huge board and lots of HP (like 15-21), I still manage to win with my aggro reva deck
  2. Having a shitty opening hand missing my turn one with arcanyst and never drawing owlbeast but still winning anyways
  3. Killing a healyonar player on turn 3 as player two with artifacthai
  4. Memeing with Mirror Meld tusk boar and winning despite doing pretty much nothing for 4 turns straight

All very satisfying moments that I will forever treasure



There was this one time when I was running Arcanyst Shidai and my opponent Apexed. He pulled Kraigons and Emberwyrms, and I pulled Trinity Wing, Owlbeasts, and Kindlings. I spammed spells and cleared all my opponent’s pulls next turn.



In Game:

  • Popularising egg decks, making it to S1 for the majority of Jan and feb 2018 while still actvely laying games at S1. Winning MDL with eggs after becoming recognized for the deck. Watching casters being impressed by plays despite being able to see both hands and the board state.

  • Getting invited to the eyolympics because I won the new player tournament. Playing with the greatest players of the time including Grinch, Winter, TheScientist. Disenchanting the vast majority of my collection to craft the meme cards required for the tournament and beating scientist in the constructed finals where you could only use every card once across three deck, yes including neutrals. So we played stuff like planar scout and swamp entangler because there were not other two drops available. This was also before the majority of the expansions.

  • Winning the first new player tournament where you could only use commons and rares. I was helped by a good player Wyzed to choose and build the deck and one new player who was my friend and rival at the time ended up facing me in the finals, he played vanar and it was very close. Filled with big drama of me disconnecting one game due to servers failing and him being very angry because in his eyes he had the advantage. It was the start of my duelyst “Career”.


  • Meeting Wyzed and getting exposed to competetive esports.
  • Meeting T2k5 and being exposed to a new level of programming skill and a different way of life.
  • Spending time in the discord with everybody and meeting friends from around the country. Denoobz, Necrei, EurasianJay who I have met in real life due to discord and many many more.
  • The memes and the social development I went through after putting my foot in my mouth so many times and realizing if you are constantly being ironic you actually just start looking moronic.
  • There are still many people I met spesifically that had an impact on my life. Zyx, Ree69, ThunderCat and about 20 others that I’ll likely name in some post when I depart from the game.


I’ve got a few nice ones (in no particular order):

  1. Me: Arcanyst Lilithe, opponent: Reva
    Played Grimes which popped out Xho, giving 7-mana Spiral Technique which I used for on-curve exact lethal.

  2. Me: RaCaChaCa (player 1), opponent: Wanderer Rag
    I play a t3 Calculator with 13 attack, he ramps for a t3 Wanderer with a mana tile. I hit face with Calculator, and play Cadence for 26 dmg (opponent had full health).

  3. Beating S#1 Wanderer Reva with some very ridiculous meme (can’t remember which deck anymore)

  4. That Gauntlet draft with 5 Shadowdancers, 5 Reaper of the 9 Memes and a Variax :stuck_out_tongue:

  5. t2 Dagona (yes, please punch my Unseven, what harm could that do)

  6. First time reaching S back in the Shim’zar Songhai-horror days with my Inkhorn Puppydragon Swarm

  7. The Adventures of Dank Memesis (never forgetti :sirpenti:)



T5 double gate with Timekeeper->DFS->Timekeeper



Turn 1: Flash Reincarnation, Flash Reincarnation, Flash Reincarnation, Juggernaut.



I think it was the time my opponent played Circle of Desiccation, Fault, Swarmking, Kha, and LITD and neurolink all on the same turn.

Or pulling 3 prismatic astral crusaders.



it happened to me 2 days ago i was against a player with a lot of ribons (like rly a lot i think it was at least 5 per faction and more than 10 in abyssian ) and me having only 100 mag wins
he was playing dying wish maiv without trial and me a starhorn golem swarm deck
the game went pretty bad for me getting my board wiped everytime while he had a lot of minions then when i had 5 mana and 2 metalurgist on board i flashed a worldcore golem near the enemy general and that alone won me the game



Reaching S1 with MY own deck(ironcliffe guardian spamm brome)
Does not work well these days anymore:(



1: overflowing the integer for my general’s attack value using drogons, mirrorrrims and cryptographers.

2: beating wickedflux with the 39 legendary deck.

3: starting the “Crystal Wisp is best girl” meme



Hitting S with a proper hybird of ramp and reflection Faie and revealing Malicious Wisp.




Satisfaction you say?



first time i kinetic-ed deceptibot into metaltooth and silver, who both had rush and blast.



man, i miss that triangle looking thing on the cards instead of the lame ass circles we have for rarity rn.



That would be the first time I managed to pump Zir’An way farther than the enemy Vaath and solo’d him down, in the Finality days to boot.



There is a mod to get the old ones back.



It’s a generic drawing to show perspective.



Not my moment but just watching it was very amazing and put a smile on my face

(before that reaper was on the field)