Share the names of your decks


Most of my decks are memes, so I live giving them stupid names. Do you guys have any silly names to share?

“It’s Time” is the first deck I made after the expansion dropped, “For Real This Time” is the second.


Uhh, yeah… I’m sane, I swear



My names are all incredibly boring. “Variax 2”, “LOL”, “Testing” “Swarm?”, stuff like that. I feel ashamed when I see the actual effort other people put into their names.


i used to make more creative names… then i had to figure a way to remember which deck did what.

note: the “defense” decks are for the alternate format that maelwran hosted a tournament for recently


Hope this doesn’t get me a warning or something… xD Also inb4 some nerds make fun of me for being a nerd.
Most of my deck names are song names or Dune jokes about the decks themselves.


I renamed my decks for this, I used to use creative names, got tilted, switched to functionality, saw this, switched back to fun.





Heh, you wanted it, you have it…


Huh. You must really like Magmar. Here I thought you were still salty.


Nah I hate it, that’s why I created 2 big Magmar threads for decklists and strategies.
Speaking of which, you reminded me of something.


Nothing fancy I guess.
Details : decks with prefix “rob-” are updated with last expansion cards, others are older.




“It just works”

“At least I tried”

“Nonfunctional MECHAZ0R”


It’s herited from old “CanceReva” :stuck_out_tongue:


These are mines, sometimes they are funny and sometimes i just have enough creativity.


All my decks are named after my thoughts on the deck at the time. Usually along the lines of “I guess?”,“I’ve no idea what this is”, and my latest sleet rusher deck “real fuckin sleeto”.


Some creative, some memey, some science puns. (click to enlarge)


These are what’s on my F2P.

T2k5's helper scripts

Oh geez, so many. Perfect time to advertise :stuck_out_tongue: