Shadow Creep Lilithe


Im not sure if its a meme deck or an actual competitive deck. Either way its a pretty fun deck that basically relies on Nocturne to produce shadow creep.

From the few games that i played Nocturne averaged about 10 shadows creeps which is pretty good combined with the rest you can get from Klaxon, Sphere, and Ooz. (Only recently added the Ooz)

The deck also has quite a bit of ways to heal yourself with void pulse and Kelaino.

The only problems I can see with the deck is the limited removals and its speed. Its pretty slow so if you get rushed down its kinda hard to catch up. The limited removals can be solved if you get lucky with Loreweaver and get extra punishes but its fairly unlikely.

Also im not quite sure about the Trinity Wings. Probably a card that you can switch out for something else since it really hasn’t had any real major impact in my games.


I’d consider swapping trinity wings with spectral blade for better early stage. Trinity wings serve as a source of spell to help spell spamming, which none of the other cards do benefit with that.


I think that nocturne is good in lilithe as a secondary plan of a swarm strategy. In that case running one copy of obliterate and 2-3 copies of abyssal juggernaut is enough for me


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