Shadow Creep compared to new tiles


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Unearthed Prophecy introduced new types of tiles - the thing that was exclusive to Abyssian until now.
Though Shadow Creep is somewhat equal to Hallowed Ground in power, I would go as far as to say that Primal Flourish is 4 times more powerful and Exhuming sand is outright Cassyva’s Awesome Bloodbound spell - well, half of it, both in power and requirements.

This all leads me to a thought that SC seems to be not in the best position currently. It is contested not only by other playstyles with different mechanics, but also by the new playstyles based on the same mechanic.

What gives SC an upper hand though is that it has a better card pool. Even more interesting is that while losing to new tiles in direct effect power, it works as a hard counter, being able to deny them altogether.

What is you opinion/impression on new tiles and their comparison to SC? Will SC get outclassed until some rebalancing, will it see more play as a competitive answer or will it have few of its cards occasionally included?


SC isnt as strong as the other tiles, but unlike the other tiles, its a resource that can be used with quantity in addition to positioning and interactions with minions. abyssal juggernaut, ghost azaleas, obliterate, and more use it as a resource


As stand-alone tiles, Creep tiles are underwhelming compared to the others since they have less immediate impact. But overriding tiles is nice, so maybe there’s a secret buff to Creep-generating cards since they can remove opposing tiles

(Also, only Abyssian has sentinels AND tiles! What’s going on here?)


Dev bias!

Continuing the question in a bit different direction - which Aby deck do you think is better to build/improve now, SC or Arcanysts?


abyss arcanysts arent very good. its either overwhelm them with sheer numbers from death knell or bust (or vanar)
shadow creep decks give you options depending on how you build them, but most of those options rely on legendary cards. faster decks with ghost azaleas, cheaper decks with abyssal juggernaut, control decks with obliterate, or even mix and match. right now people are trying out coporeal cadence with abyssal juggernaut.


Creep decks rose very high in value with this patch. Sure, on their own they aren’t as strong as any of the other tiles, but they’re by far the easiest to create and the only tile that can be a direct win condition.

The biggest reason creep is so good now is that with Ooz, Sphere of Dankness etc it’s very easy to override other players’ tiles.


Creep is very strong this patch, and got additional support to make it even better.

It might be the weakest tile in a vacuum, but it is the most easily generated, and hard-counters other tiles. Honestly, I would say it’s the best tile overall, everything considered.

The new spell that destroys any even minion on shadow creep for 2 mana is crazy. You can’t say creep is in a bad space when that exists.


The catch is that Creep requires lots of Creep in order to be a win condition. It’s a slow deck archetype that just got even slower since Creep tiles can now be overwritten. On one hand, Creep decks will largely nullify other player’s tiles…but the tiles in other factions are just bonuses–not win conditions. If some Creep is also overwritten, it is far more damaging to the overall function of the deck.

It’s good that Creep has interactions with other cards, but remember that this requires having and playing other cards to generate value from your Creep. If you’re doing that, you’re not working towards a win con other than amassing lots of Creep…which just got harder to do. There were no Creep generation cards added in the new patch. There were cards that only have value if you have lots of Creep and/or the ability to create some in a specific place.

In short, Creep gained potential value while it also became harder to generate a critical mass. Meanwhile, other decks got some cool toys that can be shut down by Creep or can shut down Creep.


Should be noted that Creep is much easier to create than a lot of the other tiles. Exhuming Sands in particular is rather expensive, while Primal Flourish is limited to 3 cards (all above 3 mana). Overwriting/dispelling these tiles removes a lot more value than overwriting Creep.


I soft agree with you, OP, that creep is kinda weak, especially with new tiles overridding them, making obliterate that much harder to use. I think a decent way CPG can fix this is to either buff Shadow Nova (maybe have it trigger the tiles upon cast or something) or, as they would like to promote new cards, since they make more money, design new cards that generate tiles. Maybe something like Grasp of Agony that “explodes” into a 3x3 creep area when the creature dies.


Kill a creature for no mana and generate 9 creep. Klaxion has grievances.


Grasp of Agony doesn’t kill the creature, so the card I suggested wouldn’t either


Hallowed ground is easy to generate, though, and since they don’t need them as much, they can go about removing creep tiles with no problem. I still think you just need to improve creep gen, and not much else, to keep creep relevant. Shadow Nova was so much cooler before the nerf; maybe change something like that or darkspine elemental


I’m thinking something like that on a bloodtear. It’s whatever mana (5-6?, :fearful: 2?) for 9 creep + sphere of darkness -> at this point you can top deck obliterate in any abyss deck bc at that point it’s just a 9hp killzone.


How about this 5 mana spell?
Shadow Panic
"Stun an enemy minion, if it dies this turn, generates SC on adjacent empty tiles". Doesn’t seem OP, to me, but still helps with SC gen.

Note: You’d probably want to steer clear of the center when using this as mana springs still count as mana springs after you take the mana.


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