Severe Server-Side Lag - Duelyst Frequently Unplayable


For about the last 48 hours, confirmed by multiple players.

The game is very frustrating to play right now. At times, actually impossible.

I can’t believe that Bandai Namco are unaware, but just in case…

Edit PS Duelyst is still ace normally, though :wink:


“Right now”

Jokes aside I feel it’s necessary to stress that again, Bandai are operating as a publisher and nothing else. Critique is welcome and should be encouraged but it should also be channeled in the right direction. This one you can lay at the feet of CPG themselves as per usual, no need to beat around the bush.

That said I’d imagine with it being brought up in Discord often that they are aware, if and how that translates to a short term fix is yet to be seen.

Your best bet is still likely to submit a ticket to support anyway.



Yeeah, the lag was terrible last night. I would play something with a targeted effect and the targeting for the effect would not even be available for 30s-1min. Playing spells from the action bar would remove the spell from the action bar and the spell would seem to not even play until I disconnected and reconnected.


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