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Several bugs on mech suite interaction


I’ve been posting a lot of silver,deceptibot, and metaltooth interactions that are straight up no working right. I noticed some patterns on why they happen, so hopefully you can use those to debug the mech suite

Operating System:

[Windows / Mac / Linux]
Bug happened on both windows and mac (OS should not matter)

System Specs:

GTX 1080

8gb on mac

Game Client:

standalone, browser

Bug Report Details

This are common themes in bug occurence. please, just fix it.

*clarifications: mechs summoned by deceptibot does not seem to trigger silver 100% of the time.
Astral phasing also has trouble carrying over to other mechs if deceptibot is not the source. buff/dispelled minions have sketchy interactions. putting less than 3 metaltooth in the decklist reduces reliability of the deck. metaltooth does not “regain” its rush mechanic when a new mech is summoned. metaltooth does not “gain” rush when a mech is summoned a turn afterwards.

yes, i’ve been informed re. the following intended interactions:

  • empty board into metaltooth into silver does not gain rush
  • loss of mechs on the board removes rush from metaltooth

none of the bugs I’ve specified pertain to these intended interactions.

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