Seven sisters & expansion question


Hey there, been away from duelyst for a little while, but back and saving gold for expansion.

I was looking through cards, and had a question: The sisters unlock by having all the rares of a faction. Once the expansion comes out, will those cards be added to the goal as well, or will it remain only the base set?

I assume it will not include the expansion, but I wanted to check to be sure, as if the goal posts are moving, then I’d want to know now so I can get crafting to nab the sisters I want now while I can with the spirit I have.


You will only require the original rares to unlock the sisters.


Wow, that was a REALLY fast response.

Thanks a bunch! Again, I figured, but a quick search couldn’t find anything so I wanted to double-check to be sure.


Never apologize for double-checking or asking questions. :slight_smile:


I believe I read somewhere (possibly on the forums here) that unlocking the sisters will require ANY 6 faction rares. So you could substitute a Shimzar rare for a core set rare. I don’t think that was dev confirmed though. In any event, if you have a sister unlocked today, you’ll still have it come Shimzar release next Tuesday.


Only the core faction stuff applies to unlocking the seven sisters. Shimzar cards will not affect their unlock rates.