Seven Sister Suggestions


Only 3 out of the seven sister’s are viable those being Taygete, Kelaino, and L’kian. Kelaino is used in every Cassyva list, Taygete in most Vaath lists and L’kian in almost every list. The others sisters see practically no use at all whatsoever and here are my suggestions:
Sun Sister Sterope current text: Whenever ANY minion or General is healed, put a True Strike into your action bar. There is almost no point to using Sterope with Sunriser around.
Sun Sister Sterope suggested text: Whenever ANY minion or General is healed, put a Lucent Beam into your action bar. Making these changes will help define the healing arch-type in Lyonar .

Wind Sister Maia current text: Whenever you summon a minion with Infiltrate, give it +1/+1. Maia’s ability is completely useless as you are not running most minions with infiltrate.
Wind Sister Maia suggested text: Whenever ____, summon a 0/1 well with provoke nearby. Maia’s ability is completely useless as you are not running most minions with infiltrate. Having her summon a wall whenever triggered helps Vanar generate walls outside of summoning them or White Asp. This is really helpful for wall decks and would give a small incentive to using Kara over Faie in wall decks and I would suggest the ability allowed to be triggered more than once in your own turn(EX: Four Winds, Kelaino)

Storm Sister Alkyone current text: Spells you cast that deal damage deal +1 damage. Crescent Spear does Alkyone intended job much better.
Storm Sister Alkyone suggested text: Whenever you cast a spell that does damage this minion gains attack equal to the damage dealt. This will help the Spellhai arch-type giving it a “high”(I say high because this will probably be the highest mana cost card in the deck besides Heaven’s Eclipse) cost minion to synergize with cards like Ghost Lighting and generate a huge body indirectly. Songhai is great at developing threats and forcing you to take them down before they get too big and this does just that.

Sand Sister Saon current text: Your General has +1 Attack. Has little on board effect and dies too easily for good usage. 4 mana is a lot to have a 3/4 that does nothing but give your general attack until it dies.
Sand Sister Saon suggested text: Opening gambit: Your general gains +1 Attack. Works similar to Falcius as it gives your general a buff while still creating a body. This will help Sajj develop bodies while still making use of herself as a weapon.

Most of these changes are to help arch-types that are inferior compared to others in the faction. Obviously, if these changes were to happen some stats would have to be altered to have a healthy, balanced card. Curious to see what others think of these suggestions. :slight_smile:


I VERY much like your Lyonar change. I think that’s a perfect solution.

As for Vanar, I don’t know… could be annoying having those bodies as vanar, could be also OP… maybe give any Vespyr played +1/+1? This would keep it closer to its original intent, and better combo with Kara, and most decks run Vespyr anyways.

For Songhai, perhaps add the damage for this turn only. Otherwise they could use their mobility to keep it alive and build it into a super tank, teleporting it close for the final blow. Keeping it as a one turn thing would give Songhai some interesting new combos, and a reason to keep minions close.

Sand Sister sounds like a decent change. Balanced, but maybe not the style of the general. Plus not as fun to play. But a change for the better, I think.


I like the Sand Sister one, but don’t change the Songhai one please :stuck_out_tongue:
Also the Wind Sister Maia is kinda cool at the moment.
I like the Lyonar change but probably way too OP.


Cards not being viable at the moment doesn’t mean they need a rework. Somewhere in the future, they may be viable without the need of those changes. Cards that needs rework are either cards that are too bad (which is very unlikely to exist) or cards that are too strong/problematic that it limits design space.

None of the 7 sisters are “bad”, they just happen to be not as good as, or doesn’t synergize well with the current popular cards and deck archetypes. The fact that most of these sisters are extremely strong in Gauntlet indicates that they are in fact well-designed cards, and hence needs no rework.

Nevertheless, your proposed changes are well-thought and would definitely increase the viability of some “inferior” archetypes. I like them a lot, except the Lyonar one - too much out-of-hand burst damage to the opponent general.


i think maya should be “whenever you summon a minion from your action bar, it gains infiltrate: +1/1” that way it would buff EVERY minion that isnt a wall and make infiltrate more used all around.


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