Set/Expansion Identifying and OP locking


2 small ideas that would be nice-

1- Maybe I’m missing it, but it would be nice if the original poster (OP) was able to choose to lock their posts themselves when they feel that the post’s intention has been fulfilled.

2- I would REALLY like it if there was a way in-game to be able to identify which cards belonged to which sets/expansions/orbs, so I would aim to buy those orbs. Could we get something like a corresponding small orb icon in the bottom right of each card? Right now, there’s no clear indication as to what cards belong to what set/expansion.


There is a way to identify in-game which cards come from each expansion. When you enter the collection you can open the options (click on the little gear) and then select to show only cards from certain expansions. I hope this helps you a bit :wink:.


Also wondered how to get this info, so thank you for this workaround! :+1:

I guess that topic is already on the Dev´s to-do list improving the UI.


You can also identify extensions just by typing the right keyword into search field if you’re more a “typer” (faster than click, drag etc)

##Collection Search Keywords

  • # (number) : for cards with mana cost #
  • “core” : core set
  • “shim” : Shim’zar expansion
  • “rise” : Rise of Bloodborn expansion
  • “prismatic” : guess :stuck_out_tongue:
  • “new” : cards you just acquired and didn’t check yet
  • rarity (common, rare, epic etc)
  • type (spell, artefacts etc)
  • tribe (battle pet, arcanyst, dervish, vespyr etc)
  • ability (dying wish, provoke etc)
  • fulltext : any word appearing on card

Copy from [UI] Interface Fix Compilation


Yeah search is common for other digital CCGs as well, however good to know it´s also working here.

(small iconography at card bottom will assist in smarter handling for mobile support too, so I´m sure there is already something going on)

Thank you Nwardezir! :slight_smile:


I’d personally like the ability to check for read lore on the card, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to search for that as of yet.


Yeah, it’s a common request I’ve put in the list.
For now, the only simple solution is to use @t2k5 site :


Has a dev ever actually gotten back to you or informed you that they heard your post/comments or that they’re reading any of this? Just wondering how much discussion that goes on around here ends up being beneficial and not just some echo chamber.


It happened in the past that useful suggestions collected in the forums were implemented. Maybe it was not officially acknowledged, but nevertheless they entered the game. This does not imply anything for this, but it happened


I can confirm I had a few messages exchange with devs and the list is useful to them and they will use it as a cross-reference with their own “UI Fix” list.


I read every single comment, in every single thread. :smiley:


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