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Server Instability & Artificer Academy Make Good


Hey Duelysts,

Server Instability Issues

As many of you noticed, we had some server stability issues a couple of weekends ago. Our servers had connection problems for much of the weekend. We apologize for that!

Artificer Academy Ending

Additionally, it is with heavy hearts that we are announcing the official closure of our Artificer Academy program. As many of you remember, the program was put on hold in earlier this year in July. The program itself was more lofty than we could sustain and we greatly apologize for that.

As a thank you for previously participating in the Artificer Academy, we’d like to send a special gift to each and everyone of our participants based on their previous participation. We will send these rewards as a code via email on Friday, November 16, 2018.

We also encourage you to keep streaming and being active in Duelyst. If you tweet us with your stream info, we’ll do our best to RT your streams and give shout outs where we can. You can also contact us via PM to arrange some orb codes for community giveaways if you have some good ideas. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Thank you for creating such great content and streams on behalf of Duelyst. We appreciate all the hard work you’ve put into making the game great.


As a make-good prize for being patient with us over the server instability issues a few weekends ago and for losing the Artificer Academy program, we are awarding all Duelyst players who are active email subscribers with three (3) free Trials of Mythron orbs, which we will distribute via email on Friday, November 16, 2018. To be eligible, you must be an active subscriber to the Duelyst Mailing List, which you can sign up for here. Email signups must be received by no later than Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 12:00 PM PST. Then, on Friday, November 16, 2018, we will send out an email containing your gifts. Note that the codes are one per account.

DOOMsday Clock [Duelyst is DOOMED]


Oh man, we’re sorry we’re taking away one of the last incentives available to new streamers, here, have 3 orbs instead.

I should add that hardly anyone will notice, seeing as the service was pulled months ago anyway and this is more a official canceling of something that was killed anyway but the narrative inst exactly what i would have cared for considering how small and fragile the community was already.


This is not the Q4 update I was expecting :frowning:


Prepare yourselves for the next wave of “Duelyst is dead” threads.


man it’s sad i really feel nothing regarding any dooly related matter anymore.


Is this the news they were excited to share and proud of? :c


To be clear, none of us here is proud or excited to share this news. However, it needed to be communicated nonetheless.


It is really sad that this program ended. That iteration of the AA didn’t even run a whole year. But I expected that to happen as soon as Thanatos left. It was just too big a hassle.

I am curious if I will get some stuff considering that I stopped streaming in summer and didn’t take it up again because of missing rewards. Finding time to stream was always hard for me but the rewards I got and could give out to viewers or tournaments etc. kept me interested enough that I found the time for the 12h minimum.

Now I can’t get myself motivated to do it. I like streaming and interacting with the chat but it is stressful and a lot of work to have some quality stream.


Same, interacting with people in chat is probably my favourite thing about streaming. When people talk its great having discussions, ideas, pointing out misplays etc. When no one talks or just having a bit of a quiet stream, it feels a bit de-motivating to do, because it feels like I’m just talking to myself for a couple of hours. But the only thing I will say, is that if you enjoy streaming then try to continue to do it.


I really appreciate the clarification on AA issue. I don’t approve being negative on the point it’s closed, cause everything is closing regarding Duelyst, so it’s not a surprise.

Still, informing us of official closure is better than putting us on hold, and I’m grateful for at least that.

Orbs are also nice :wink:


What the heck is the Artificer Academy anyways?


I’m too lazy to Google it for you, but it was some kind of bonus program for content creators. Mainly, steamers.


I just googled it… https://duelyst.com/news/artificer-academy-arrives

I mean that affects 4 people who were streaming lol :wink:


No, it affects all their viewers also, and the whole community.


There are (and were) way more than 4 streamers and it would make it more interesting for newer streamers to continue streaming when they get rewards for it which they can share. Most streamers did giveaways or we collected orb codes for our community tournaments (e.g. Meltdown League).

It is a great and important tool to help grow the community.

I stopped streaming after the academy program was canceled. It was hard for me to find the time and the codes I got for giveaways was one of the main reasons I still tried to find the 12h of undisturbed alone time every month.

So I disagree with your post’s sentiment.

In another note @yaviey:
I appreciate the rewards I got a lot. Thanks for them!

Though for next time something like that happens I have a suggestion how to improve on it. In my opinion it would be way better to split up the codes. I got one code for 20 core orbs, 1 common crate, 1 rare crate and 1 epic crate. All these rewards are in one code. This makes unfortunately distributing the rewards to a bunch of people impossible.
If there were (as an example) like 5 codes for a 4 orb code each and one code for each crate it would have been super easy and nice to distribute them to more people (giveaways on stream, tournament rewards, for friends, etc.)


@yaviey, I don’t envy your position in all this, I appreciate you keeping a positive attitude. I know I’m barely any less grumpy than some of the others here but I just want to say out loud that I feel confident that you and the people requesting you to post these updates are trying to make the best of a crappy situation. I hope you and the others are still having wonderful holidays. I think it’s bad practice to leave us in uncertainty over what is and isn’t happening regarding the mythical “Q4” content but I’m also pretty sure that things are a lot more tricky from the inside looking out, so I’m not actively bummed about that.

If the hammer were to drop on Duelyst I hope you’ll decide to hold a bittersweet Duelyst send-off tournament with all of us. I know I’ll join in with something like that if it’s at all possible (damn you, rotation of the Earth around the sun!).


As I sai few days ago to @rhacker93 when he got into one of my streams, the more people stream the more other people Will get to know the game.
Instead of bitching on the forum how the game is about to die, do your part if you care about It.


This is actuqlly a good point, but with a general lack of motivation due to all the reasons above i hardly see anyone taking time away to play a game they can’t commit to at the current state.

Man i would stream, a crazy vanar exclusive stream might be nice but i can’t bring myself to at at this point, plus the intensity of my days taking away more then needed time


Thanks for your feedback and please believe me that this choice was not made lightly. The program was designed to be very time intensive because at the time when our previous CM was here, he was happy to spend that time helping out. The unfortunate truth is that I was hired to do lots of different things here at Bandai Namco and spending so much time on a smaller game makes it difficult to justify to my bosses. That being said, it may be possible to create a new, smaller program that is better automated for streamers but that is still being discussed internally and I don’t know if it is something we can do or not yet.

As for the rewards you did receive, yes I agree. It should have been broken up in smaller codes. However, this is something we had to work out with CPG to produce these codes and in the end, this is what was easiest to do for them to ensure everyone got the prizes.