Seriously, nukes, burns and range


Rage thread. Seriously, nukes, burnes and range! Why even bother lol, just give it a 9/9 card you win a game if it ever gets to the point of 9 mana with them. Haven’t played in a while I see you changed a whole lot of things about gameplay mechanics but Songhai is impossible to beat now almost, in like 30 games with him won maybe 1. Just spam ranged mobs with Jax, give them this minion destroys a monster it hits and its gg basically. Meh. Dunno why I even came back, shit is terrible now the way it is. The 5 card starter hand :S wtf…

Best of luck with the game.



Songhai is not nearly as powerful as it was.
Post your decklist maybe we can help you, but you seem like incurable case.


Blistering skorn is a thing, so is lightbender, bloodtear alchemist, etc. you coud also opt for a dispel or provoke so that the enemy general can’t run


With all due respect, I don’t think you’ve played enough to be able to judge Songhai or the not-so-new gameplay (you’ve been away a looong time). Yes burst is Songhai’s strength, yes Reva is a dominatrix in the meta, but no, Songhai is far from undefeatable.

As offered, you should post your decklists and ask for advice instead of plain raging - we don’t mind constructed complains when they actually open discussions.


And they have problems with beefy minions as their lack of real removal cards… (They have 2 cards with immediate effect (i don’t count phoenix fire as it should go to your face only), one need a minion alredy in board and one leave you a 0/2 body)

he can’t remove everything from board, just go for value (chakkram is bread, chakkram is butter even if no one plays it) and careful positioning for juxtaposition IMO.

(And don’t play too big else you pay 6 mana a 0/2 pando)


Are rant threads suddenly allowed?


In bronze divison, yes.


There’s a funny guy.


Please read.


Locking - there’s really nothing else to be said. Thanks @jeezboozxd for sharing your great thread!