September Season Spoiler: Sphynx


What walks on four legs, flies with two wings and is coming in September? Sphynx is here to riddle you this and riddle you that!


But what’s the Riddle? Is that Riddle a Riddle itself? The stats look a bit below vanila, so I’m curious about the effect.


New mechanic! :open_mouth:


What. What is a riddle? This pays a stat to give opponent a riddle. Is that good for me? What even is this I don’t know.


Riddle better be fucking good to justify having only 4 HP as a 4 drop.


I’m not sure about the riddle, but the minion design looks amazing :slight_smile:.


I am glad CP is making disruptive cards , but for this one riddle will have to be insanely good to be worth it.

It also has to not be replaceable

Well unlikely to be good unfortunately.


My guess is that riddles are irreplaceable Vetruvian cards, basically cards which are 1-2 mana too expensive for their effects which you cannot replace. =S


My guess is that a riddle is an expensive spell with a complicated, extremely situational effect that only effects one minion type and can’t be replaced


I still feel like this should be called Gryphon/Griffin and there should be a Vet minion called a Sphynx.


@Sorostaran good one lmao.

My guess is they are cards if not played they do something bad to their user. Like increasing the cost of all cards in hand by 1 or something like that…


Is the riddle revealed if the “riddle card” is milled?


im guessing riddle - did u play a 4 mana card this turn? yes? heal for 4 no? deal 4 damage to your general


if they nerf saberspine we gunna see vanar n magmar running this to mill opponent


Oh no, I don’t want to remember stuff or count stuff. I was told there would be no math on this test :sweat_smile:


Looks like it’s the Riddler! haha… No? Ok.


flies but does not have Flying?


There is no real mill strategy in duelyst. I have never in my entire 10-ish (from last November) months playing this game ever experienced the hurting. When I’ve been forced to mill it has never been all that detrimental, losing one or two cards to a full hand has never been a real issue unless my hand sucked, and my losing the game was more a symptom of my terrible draw than my being milled.


This is just dripping with Flavour. A Sphinx in mythology is an extremely intelegent being that challenged humans with riddles. This reminds me of what they did with Chimera, since, in mythology, Chimera are groups pf animals (aka, tokens) alchemically merged.


Does adding a riddle in your opponent’s action bar count as drawing a card? So that this effect synergizes with things like vindicator?