September Season Spoiler: Elkowl


Elkowl is a little bit Elk a little bit Owl and a whole bunch of hype!


It’s not as cute as Woodwen, but I do love unviable RNG effects :smiley: This one actually looks like a lot of fun, albeit really bad.

Edit: Upon thinking it over, I have come to realize that this card might be better than expected in Song’Hai or in a gimicky Vetruvian deck. Elkowl (spawns with Celerity or Frenzy) + Inner Focus + Saberspine/Killing Edge might just be my new cheese finisher.


Does this ability pool discludes rush like Grailmaster’s?


Can it get force field? Can it get rush? If it can, it seems like it could be really good


My inner Songhai is saying, “Can I get 1 random ability and make it a 2 drop?”, but the rest of me is thinking it should be pretty good. You’re giving up 1 stat per ability. So unless the abilities it can roll are trash, I expect to see it played.


imagine, flying frenzy or ranged celerity, it would be awesome that 1 time you actually get it and dont play expecting a provoke


Could be pretty cool, but I really wish they’d be more clear with random abilities such as this. You should be able to see exactly what the possibilities are on the card, especially when it’s a digital card game where you can add 30 lines of text upon hover or whatever. Grailmaster, pandora, inquisitor, rook and now this all pretend like it’s obvious what the possibilities are, but I really have no fucking idea.


Assuming it’s the Pandora abilities, this thing pays two stats for ranged, provoke, celerity, frenzy, or flying (haste? I can’t remember). Though you might end up with a sub-optimal combo, that is actually not such horrible stats. Could see songhai play and has araki synergy.

Also, ducking stellar art. This might be one of my favorites.


Low stat minion with abilities > Might be good with Kara :stuck_out_tongue:


I hate how correct you are.


as if anything can be bad with kara :unamused:


It’s an elk! It’s an owl! No, it’s Elkowl!

Provoke + anything or Ranged + Frenzy is not amazingly great. Everything else is gravy though. Celerity + Ranged…


It’s not said “keyword” ability but let’s asume it’s the same as Pandora.

2/3 with an effect is the best 2 mana drop you can have.
2/3 with two random ability for 3 mana seems fair enough. Don’t trust RNG too much but if you use Araki Headhunter is work.

And yes, Kara will continue to crush our face.


I like the concept, and at 3 mana with the stats of a 2 drop, it’s value will largely depend on A.) what abilities (not ‘keywords’) it gets and B.) If it survives long enough to use said abilities. Im curious to see what abilities it will be able to get, it could be keywords, could be other effects, and it could be both~


Looks very good in my book; imagine this with celerity+ranged and BUFFS :open_mouth:


When 1 random effect isnt enough lets raise the bar with 2! All praise RNGesus!


Just imagine if it included faction abilities


I’ve given my general blast + deathwatch before.
Got grimwar off grincher. Opponent was Kara, so I didn’t regret a thing.


…got it in gauntlet, first time i played it it had blast+ flying. …I LOVE IT


I’ve been testing it out and it’s much better than even I thought it would be. It can get rebirth and blast you know.