September’s Season Qualifier – Duelyst

September’s Season Qualifierby Counterplay Games / October 13, 2016

We are thrilled to announce September’s final DWC ranking along with the date and time for the upcoming Season Qualifier.

After the completion of August’s Qualifier and Open we received a lot of valuable feedback from the community. This has allowed us to make a few changes to the Duelyst World Championship Circuit to better suit your needs.

The biggest change (see below) is that matches in the Swiss portion of the Qualifier will now be Best of Three (Bo3), as opposed to Best of Five. Hopefully this will lead to a more enriching experience for you.

September’s DWC Rankings

After five weeks of intense play 43 players secured Circuit Points. Here’s September’s final scoreboard:

Tiebreaking criteria were applied in the following order: ⦁ Circuit Points’ Sources (Duelyst Open > Season Qualifier > Sanctioned Tournament) ⦁ Best Result

September’s Season Qualifier

September’s Qualifier will take place on the weekend of the 29th and 30th of October at 1pm Pacific Time. One hour later at 2pm PT the tournament’s stream will go live with the qualified players’ matches as they battle through six rounds of Swiss. As mentioned above, these matches will be Best of Three, not Best of Five. Furthermore, the tournament’s following the Senerai (Conquest) Match Format.

Once the last round concludes, the Top 8 will move on to playoffs on Sunday. Playoff starting times will be discussed with the qualified players. Join us live at 4pm Pacific Time to find out who’ll be crowned Grandmaster and receive an invitation to the Duelyst World Championship.

If you’re among the players qualified for September’s Qualifier we ask that you check your email for further details and instructions.

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Thoughts as someone who played in the August Qualifier but didn’t make it into this one so has no hat in the ring:

  1. Bo3 and not Bo5: Nice.

  2. Times are even worse for Europeans, being basically unplayable? Meh. Hopefully it’s a “rotating time”, so next tournament will be at a good time for Europeans (and unplayable by Americans)? I mean, only fair, after one tournament that’s good for East Coast, and now one good for West Coast…

  3. I really don’t get this. Why is this pre-announced as 6 rounds of Swiss? This was a take-away that should’ve been had from last time. # of swiss rounds has to rely on number of players. Why have 6 rounds of Swiss for 32 or less players, if that’s how many end up playing? And what if 16 players play, still going to enforce 6 rounds of Swiss? :-/