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Semi-Budget Bondbois - Where to go from here?


This is what I have produced for a semi-budge Argeon Bond deck. I’m not particularly sure where to go from here (I know one-ofs are a nono, no need to tell me that much). The spells and units I could gather up from this point forward to improve my deck here are uncertain. Any tips and thoughts?


Yo I’d probably go about crafting 2 more Dioltas, 3 Inquisitor Krons and 2 Elyx Stormblades. Overall though like the core of the deck. :+1:


That’s a strong shell you have. :grinning:

Do you find yourself needing L’Kian and Trinity Oath for draw? If not, I suggest getting rid of one of them and replace it with a 2-drop like windblade adept.

9 feelsgood turn 1 plays is ideal. Bloodtear, while a solid card, feels bad playing as an opener.

And when you can get your hands on Aegis Barrier, that card can bully certain generals.


The core is there, and you have counters for Fault, Eggs, and Wanderer, so the list seems very solid. Sunrise Cleric is an easy upgrade that greatly helps in the Wanderer and Fault matchups by stealing Mana tiles, as well as healing you in a pinch For more expensive upgrades:

  • Spelljammers instead of L’Kian and Shieldmaster. The draw and ge 3/5 body are both very valuable.
  • Bonereaper is a threat with bond while also bursting down Wanderer Rippers/heartseekers.
  • Aegis Barrier and Prominence go well together, being a snowball threat that pares with bond and a good sticky protector respectively.
  • With the amount of provokes you have, War Exorcist is very scary to certain decks, particularly aggro Reva.


What would you suggest replacing? Aside from the L’Kian/Shieldmaster which you already mentioned.

@mrmana3 Do you suggest dropping Bloodtear, then? I feel like I need something for draw, but also having Windblade would be good.

EDIT: First revision.


I think I like the alchemists. Ragnora is pretty popular with that potent bbs.

In your original deck, I probably would have swapped in windblade adept for the shield master and L’Kians.

@rhacker93 and @excogitator have some nice suggestions. Bone reaper, elyx stormblade and Krons are all great suggestions. Truth is, you won’t be able to fit them all, so I guess it’s up to you which to add.


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