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Searching for a Viable Vanar

Or at least a semi-viable Vanar…

Howdy I am a returning player looking for a good Vanar deck to play. I’ve scoured the forums and have nearly every thread that @epicflygon, @snowshot, and @owlbeastmd were involved in bookmarked. Spirit isn’t too much of a concern for me, so throw every archetype, decklist, and staple card at me.

Currently Midrange and Burn are what I am most interested in. As far as I know these are the most up to date versions but Is there anything that could be teched in or swapped? How well do they hold up to the meta right now? I’m mostly concerned with how I begin to play and learn these decks. I’d appreciate any tips or replays you decide to send my way. (also, why don’t I see endless hunt in the burn? Such a good card)


But that’s not the only thing I am interested in. I also am looking at vespyr synergies and looking at seraphim. Just send me any bit of knowledge you have of archetypes, alternate versions of burn, staples, what to mulligan, matchup knowledge, anything at all! Styling on my opponent with a hard to play, hard to master deck and 9000IQ plays is much more fun than hurr durring my way to victory with RagRoArA BBS and Pronounced Pluckiness 10 damage lethal.


Semi-viable Burn/Arcane hybrid.



Disadvantages: Low AoE, no shroud, slow start, lots of 2-ofs.

Advantages: Arcanysts, Burn, Fun, Loads of card draw and ways to produce additional BBS.


Into the tool box (my most up to date allbeit more experimental mid list)

I’m also experimenting with Spirit of the Wild + Ghost Seraphim but I’m currently too burnt out from this game to want to play.

The mid list you posted was Solafid’s list for trial brome meta.


@cloudfrog and @humancalc both posted a Reliquarian Vespyr deck in my thread a long while back so I had a go at full vespyr cause it looked pretty fun.

It is focused on pushing out the most ridiculous bodies you can. The buffs are never ending and no one seems to ever expect Huldra and can end a game T5 ez. The draw is a tad weak sadly but it is pretty flexible.The Elemental combo’d with Bonechill or Wintertide is always satisfying to watch. But for the most part the only thing you have to worry about is dispels and of course the token Abyssal removal spells.


Here are some replays-
https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-Ll6t-7neHKsV2fYUBeM - High buff style
https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-Ll6v9Z40tTA0-C7momB - Buffs for all style


@snowshot posted his vespyr lists awhile back.

Vespyr decks as usual


Vanar is how I got started in this game, and although it’s no longer my most played faction, it’s probably still my favorite. While the 1.96 nerfs hurt and left Vanar and one of the weaker factions, there’s still some competitive lists. Here’s a massive dump of what I consider to be the better Vanar decks currently.

First of all, I don’t know if you’re aware of Duelspot, but that’s the best resource for finding decklists of all sorts. Most of these decks are sourced from there.


Best aggressive lists: @alphacentury’s Tempo Faie and Burn Faie (from his last deck dump).

The first list here in particular is very strong and has my vote for best Vanar deck overall. It’s difficult to pilot, but if you master it you can pull off some crazy lines of play.


Best midrange list: honestly it’s probably Wanderer Kara (something like this), but people hate Wanderer, so instead I’ll suggest @ponchomango’s Mighty 5s Kara. EpicFlygon’s list above is also good if you prefer Faie.


Other good lists: @deathsadvocate’s Cryonic Faie, AlphaCentury’s Hyper Nemeton, @Ryvirath’s Wall Combo Ilena.


Since you asked, best Vespyr list: doesn’t exist because Vespyrs have never been a competitive tribe (although it is possible to run a smaller Vespyr package in another archetype, like DeathsAdvocate’s Vespyr Walls). However, just for fun, I am partial to my own build of Swarm Vespyrs.

If you’re willing to relax your playability requirements a little, there a ton of more meme-level decks which, given the current relaxed state of the ladder, are good enough to get you all the way to S with enough practice.


Zohan’s special brews: Kara Echo Mechs, Artifact Ilena, Build Faie.

@boronian has replays from these and other Zohan decks posted on his YouTube channel. Fair warning though, I believe you may have to be Zohan himself in order to actually play them well.


Some of my creations: Dispel Faie, Masochism Faie, Dying Wish Kara, Stun Tribal Ilena.

Whew, this turned out to be even bigger than I thought. Hopefully something here will prove useful. Good luck on the ladder!


Well since my name was mentioned, figured I would drop by and give you a link to all of my Vanar lists, and everything else. Feel free to just scroll down to the Vanar section and take a look:


Does anyone have @snowshot’s WakeAge list iirc that list was in particular really good and innovative compared to the rest.

While the competitiveness of a Vanar list is usually down to the pilot and not the list in general WakeAge is at least a top 3 deck right now.


I assume it’s one of these two or some close variation: Faie, Ilena.

Snowshot’s decks are powerful but have pretty steep learning curves. I still can’t consistently use Flawless Reflection well, which he includes in nearly all of his decks, but recently I’ve been getting better at making use of the Snowshot™ package of Locke, Walls, and Razorback.


Man I forgot I have these decks dusting around, maybe I should play them more.
@saltyonion as the dude said these decks usually require understanding and conviction, but once you get it - your game will improve.


These decks also require spirit :smiley:


Just a tiny bit, nothing much. :smile:

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