Sealmar; One Turn Kill


My conclusion, while a lot of fun, I just do not think Valknu is worth the slot. The original version is just a better deck if I replace Valknu for plasma, and the second deck is hilarious but I don’t think it is consistent enough for real competitive play, but it is certainly viable and fun.


Whelp I guess now C-burst is a crappy version of Valknu…


Chrysaris Burst was nerfed. I guess this is even less of a functional deck now.


Well idk about that, while Valknu is not as powerful as old C burst, I do rather like the lack of rng. I updated the two lists for the upcoming patch.


Thats good to hear! I should try it sometime, when Im less busy with my gold.


rip deck 2017 - 2017.


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