Sealmar; One Turn Kill


[UPDATE- As of 19 April 2017, Chrysalis Burst costs 6 instead of 4, and thumping costs 4 instead of 3 now, making the deck even harder to pilot]
Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ It’s Sin here :smiley:
This time I’m here to share an original Vaath build I’ve came up with.

This deck goes by many names for its heavy reliance on the Rebirth mechanic, but Sealmar would be a more appropriate name for it since you win with-

That’s right, the Spirit of Valknu.
It is a 6 cost minion with identical stats to your general upon hatching from the seal.

Did you say identical?

Yes, the point of this deck is to ram this bad boy with batshit attack into your opponent’s jimjams so much that he’d stop playing the game right after.

“But Sin, a 4 mana 0/1? Isn’t that bad? There are so many ways to remove that! I’d rather play chrysalis burst over this garbage!”

Hey now, our deck also includes chrysalis burst too so don’t worry :’)


Have you guys forgotten this card exists?

Also, the SECOND effect of Egg Morph hatches any egg.
Egg minions gain Rush right after it’s hatched, so there won’t be any window for them to clear these eggs.

Sealmar used to be pretty bad, but expansions constantly improve the consistency and quality of OTK memes. Cards like Lavaslasher give you a solid body and a versatile Dancing Blades effect, while Ragebinder is a good 3 drop with Rebirth, AND has a bond effect that triggers off itself and lavaslasher to HEAL (talk about insane synergy!)

The game plan for this deck is to just survive early, which is pretty easy to manage since no one wants to go near an overloaded Vaath. Against generals that tend to play small creep to swarm you out, Plasma Storm is there as a 3 of so they can’t pull off anything.

There are also versatile lethal options like sending a Rebirth minion into their face and then hatching it immediately with your tools, effectively giving that minion Celerity.

Reasoning for some weird minions in this deck:
Kujatas in this deck ramps out your heavy minions faster early, but is a bad draw later on.
Lava lances denies early cheese plays while also being a cheap removal later on to fit into your curve.
Silhouette Tracers lets your run, chase or clear backrows with your overloaded attack.
Vanquisher gives you quite a bit of Provoke protection with Lavaslasher, Ragebinder and itself.

Also a tip is to not prioritize keeping your combo cards, since you’re gonna draw them sooner or later. Only start keeping them at 7 mana and higher, or if the board state becomes stale. This deck excels in drawing out removals and removals cost resources and time. >:D

Because card draw is not this deck’s specialty, manage your cards wisely. Do not flood the board and never go below 3 cards in your hand.

This deck’s best at 8 and 9 mana, where Morin Khur, Valknu’s Seal, Chrysalis Burst, Egg Morph, and Thumping + Makantor becomes active.

Winrate and Matchups
Not enough sample size :confused: I need more people attempting this deck build.

Faie- You never get any minion to stick, but that’s alright. Her win condition is late in the game too, with little to no heal effects in her deck, so you’re gonna win with Valknu. Remove her Circulus on sight, either with a general hit or tiger. Otherwise, play removal bait until you can cast Plasma Storm.

Cassyva- Your minions are pretty high quality to be losing to her. Kelaino does nothing but delay the inevitable. If they play out Ooz t1, move near a mana tile while being out of range and play a 3 drop nearby.

Lilithe- Well… she can’t set up any board lol.

Argeon- Don’t get near him until you have enough mana and board. If you get provoke it’s over. Plasma storm is a keep.

Zir’an- Pretty difficult to play against her, Trinity Oath is a problem and she can heal her minions. If you can’t kill her minions in one go, you’re going to have a disadvantage.

Vaath- Player’s skill matchup

Starhorn- Keep Lava Lance, and your 3 drops. Ditch your combo & plasma storm, and pack removals.

Reva- Easy makantor and mid-range gameplay.

Zirix- If golem build, save Plasma Storms for Siroccos while waiting for your combo. Clear with your general.
If structure build, you have good minions and decent attack value to break the obelysks. You have a lightbender and thumping waves too.

Kaleos- Just don’t let any minion stick. Keep an Earth Sphere.

Sajj- If she’s playing little to no cards at 4 cards and above, it’s artisajj and you should be keeping your distance. Every health point counts. Use only minions until you can use the combo. She should have problems keeping up with the board. If it’s standard Sajj, it’s no different from gameplay against Zirix.

With that, have fun breaking them with a punch from Valknu xd GLHF~


and I thought it was impossible to make Vaath cute. CURSE YOU, ANIME GIRL! @sinpathy well drawn m8


You’ve got to appreciate this new take on the Seal! Let your memes be dreams no longer! :grinning:


Really glad to see Valknu getting some play, I threw together a deck when he came out but never really tested it, as despite his combo potential, I pretty much dismissed him as just a worse C-burst. Here is the original deck from my master thread:

But after taking another good look, here is what I am coming up with:

I figure if your going to include Valknu you really need to commit to getting him to work. While burst is splash-able, Valknu just is not. You can either build around him by really making sure Vaath is on steroids, or like this and having a ton of ways to make him hatch.

I skipped out on drogon as it just seems unlikely you are going to get him on the field, proced, and Valknu to hatch all at once. And while drogon, especially when combined with crypto, is a sollid win condition lately I have not really been a fan of him because people tend to go pretty out of their way to avoid mele with Vaath so its pretty hard to pull off.

This has three ways to make sure he hatches, and in turn to make sure you get use out of C-burst. And then we have the basics of a golem deck to help ramp lasher, and get procs off of Ragebinder, who also really loves all the hatching abilities. Pack that onto a solid control shell and I think the deck just might have gotten to a competitive state rather then a pure gimmick.


Some fun facts: the abilities of the artifacts you have equipped when Valknu is hatched transfer over to Valknu. He can get Frenzy, +2 attack when minions are damaged, and can make your other minions Grow. These aren’t displayed on the card or even below the card - they are essentially hidden.

I forgot to check about hatching eggs when attacking and about what happens with dispel, but I’ll have to do that later and post the results.


He does hatch eggs, and everything on him is dispel-able.


drogon clears 6 health threats, although i do understand what you mean. I’ll try this version too :smiley: I might remove the Kujatas for the golem cost reduction guy


I will put some testing in once I get my last couple games into S. Still just theory crafting at the moment.


I appreciate the attempt to make a bad card useful, but considering all the cards you need to play and then keep on the field I can’t imagine this is very viable.


@futthewuk you don’t need to keep anything on the field, drogon is just an incentive :smiley:


You need to keep a bunch of things just to make this work. Valk is useless if he’s not pumped but he dies easily to removal, his egg can be killed easily. Mornin is alright but it cost five mana and can be pinged easily. drogon is the only way to make valk decent but if you want valk to hate you need 4 mana for drogon, 4 for valk, and 5 for mornin khur. Then if by some stroke of luck you get all those cards in a decent order, their all still victim to removal.


I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen valknu hit the table. Where does the egg spawn?



Controlled Summon, just like any minion.


You’re underestimating the pressure Vaath can put out. I’ve also mentioned that you never ever play the egg naked, but only with trigger cards. Admittedly, it won’t win all the time, but I have pulled this combo off consistently. Morin Khur plus either chrysalis burst or Valknu is comparable to the heavy cost of Meltdown plus Warbird. As long as you’re prioritising on having the board advantage, you will have a minion stick. Like I mentioned above, Drogon is an incentive if you can let it stick, and can be removal bait. Drogon also gives you a good way to clear owlbeast sages and high health minions effectively for 5 mana while developing a body.


I have done further testing.

I updated the original by dropping the scales, and the bounded for Lavalasher. While I do want to fit Plasma storm idk if there is room for it, the 5 slot is a bit busy and the deck is already pretty removal heavy. Scales was originally my alternative to plasma because they comboed with Valknu, but Lasher is to good not to include.
The golem variant was stretching its self to thin between trying to play control and trying to be a combo deck so I opted to make it much more combo focused, fitting in Flash and Drogon. Inceptor was underperforming, but combined with flash it can be quite effective. And flashed drogon/Crypto is always quite effective. So now its a much more aggressive deck.

More testing needed to tune and decide if it has moved beyond being a gimick.


So the spell treats itself as a minion, essentially?


I’ve tried inceptor too, but the 3/3 body is irrelevant most of the time :confused:


Yeah, it works like Mind Steal essentially.


Most of the time, but it does help sometimes. I think its only worth including if you are also running flash, otherwise eggmorph is just strictly better.


It’s a spell that places an egg on a tile of your choosing. Like Wraithling Swarm or Gravity Well.