Seafolk Faction?


I’ve noticed we have knights, we have ninjas, we have dinosaurs, we have robots, we have robot mummy people, we have ice people, we have demons. We don’t have sealife. I think that this would be a cool factoin to see in duelyst.
I have a keyword too.
Dive: This unit may move to any water tile as long as this unit is currently standing on a water tile.
This faction is essentially about creating special water tiles and using them for extreme mobility.


Merfolk Lancer
2 Mana

2 mana
1/1 Create a water tile on a nearby space.

TideBorn Assassin
4 Mana

Water Harpoon
3 Mana spell
Do 1 damage to an enemy minion and create a water tile where they are standing.

What do you guys think?


an interesting concept, but in terms of lore they have no reason to go onto land and start a war. plus i doubt they would have legs for normal land movement.


Maybe they could all be generously statted but only played on water?
They could also have mech-like legs to move.
We could have a bunch of ways to generate water as well.

2 Mana spell
Tidal Wave
Create water tiles on each space nearby your general.

3 Mana artifact
Water bubble
Your general creates water on every space they pass over.

Lore could be that their ocean is purified by mana crystals, and they need to enter the great tournament to save their home?


Very cool idea, but why not just play Songhai? Bbeing able to move your units around with their various movement spells would probably be easier because you don’t really need any setup to pull of your combos. A water themed faction would be super cool. I hope that in the future they do add more in and Nature and Water themed are the 2 that I want to see the most.


or there could be a secondary keyword that defines the faction

aquatic - half the stats of this unit if not on a water tile

to compensate the units stats would be even higher than golems and you cant even dispel the water spaces without risking dispelling the minion and giving it the stats permanently.


I’m thinking everything would be more powerful but would need setup.
More of a control faction.
We could also be using neutral cards for our initial turns when we don’t have water on the field yet.
A legendary card
8 Mana
Great Leviathan
Opening gambit: Every space now counts as water
Dying wish: Give dive minions on the field, in your hand, and in your deck +2/+2

Sea dragon
4 Mana

Fury of the ocean
6 Mana spell
Destroy two minions on your water tiles.


To be honest I am with any 7th faction idea because 6 factions is just a really lame and unpleasant number :< but adding extra factions after 2 expansions will be probably “impossible” which makes me sad since I missed the days of them adding Vanar


Just make a whole new faction instead of an expansion. It would take (about) the same (?) amount of time. People would be happy with it as long as it’s balanced.


I like the idea a lot, in terms of designing it I think the water tiles should be pretty scarce in some way to avoid overpowering Creep through simple volume, and to avoid making it impossible for other Factions to deal with Ranged minions that can just warp out of harm’s way all the time. How do the water tiles interact in the mirror; can both sides use the same tiles to warp with?

I like the idea of limiting (some?) minions with Dive to their water tiles so the value of positioning applies to this faction as well.


No ranged minions would have dive. There wouldn’t be any way for that to happen. (Elkowl starts crying) Dive minions can go on ANY water tile (yours or your opponent) Because making water over water would limit one side and benefit the other. That’d be dumb.
We don’t wanna make the water tiles too little though. Creep can still be on water tiles. Think of it as water tiles are “Flooded” So creep would be at the bottom of the pool of water.
How about a new keyword?
Aquatic: Can only move on water tiles.
So dive also lets you go on land, but teleport through water. Aquatic limits you to water only.
If a water tile is dispelled under an aquatic minion it dies.


Dunno how I missed this, but I like it. :grinning:


then a repulsor beast would be like a sand trap on an aquatic unit. by halfing the stats it makes things like jux or lure not fatal


Yeah this is a better idea. Thanks


There are a lot of cool ideas out there for new factions, yours included, but CPG has more than enough trouble balancing the game as it is, so I’d be opposed to ANY new faction at this time.


I’m working on some pixel art for these cards. Will update soon.


‘Sanctuary’ faction from MMDoC were samurai Naga. Pretty dope seafolk faction.


My god do I miss DoC…


It really was the best digital card game ever wasn’t it? Watching that game die the way it did is why I’m so touchy about duelyst balance/meta.


DoC looked cool. Was going to play that at some point.



Let’s make Inferno far and away the best faction and then nerf it by buffing it!