Scrap prismatic cards for dust?


So after getting my veteran prismatic cards i just scrapped them for a whooping 7k dust (including my other prismatics i had). The prismatic glow acutally just annoys me… my only fear is now, that they will revamp ALL the animations in the future and make even more awesome animations for all the prismatic versions, not mentioning sprites and so on. So what do we know about the plans for prismatic cards?


There’s no known plans to change them. Don’t DE the cards if you think you’ll regret it.


But is the premium card really just that glow. I honestly think it is kinda lame. Not only is it underwhelming but if i imgine my whole deck would glow in rainbow colours, thats weird. Especially when i like my deck in a certain colour or flavour, imagine that inquisitor kron deck with all the grey cards and prisoners and what not, and now they all glow in pretty colours.


Well yeah, they basically just have this aura around them and a modified entry animation. Personally I like the simplicity of it, it’s different enough to be noticeable but not too out there so it’s distracting. Some people like it and some don’t. If you don’t, just consider them as free spirit, but don’t hope they will actually change them because it’s pretty unlikely.


Ok thanks, thats good to know!


Saved only the Abyss cards and the ones I care about. Everything else DE.


I turned mine into 2 Krons, 3 Khymeras and 400 dust.


Disenchanted all of mine, ended up with 17k. Now I don’t know what to spend it all on.


I am actually really happy with my haul. I got a prismatic spinecleaver for Vet and a few other good epics I cant remember.


Craft 9 Black Lotuses.


As it happens Black locust is my favorite card.


It’s either that or Serpenti in most players minds.