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This is my first post on the forums so please pardon me if I make any mistakes!

Recently, I have been playing a Sajj Vetruvian deck and I have been having a blast (ba-dum-tss) with it. I wanted to know if there were any possible improvements I could do to it. I have enough spirit to craft about 2 more legendary cards. Usually with this deck, I try to keep the board manageable and then lower the opponents health from a distance. Any tips on Sajj or deck edits would be well appreciated! Thanks!

(For some reason, the image from manaspring won’t save, so I’ll just post the written decklist.)

Scioness Sajj x1
Rae x3
Auroras Tears x2
Scion’s First Wish x3
Ephemeral Shroud x2
Healing Mystic x1
Pax x3
Rasha’s Curse x2
Staff Of Y’kir x3
Falcius x3
Psychic Conduit x2
Wildfire Ankh x3
Entropic Decay x2
Hexblade x2
Silhouette Tracer x1
Spinecleaver x2
Aymara Healer x3
Oserix x2


The easiest advice to give here is to cut Oserix in place of two more Healing Mystics, and potentially the Spinecleavers for Silhouette Tracers/Time Maelstrom. Reasons being:

  • Oserix usually either winds up winning the game before his DW pops, or he gets silenced, so he’s more useful on paper than in practice. You have quite a few low-mana drops, but very little healing (the one mystic and falcius pseudo-heal) and Rae is absolutely not something you want to play on turn 1, even for board presence, so I wouldn’t count it as a turn 1 card. The Mystics would help you establish more presence early, and stay alive to push the OTK through.

  • Spinecleaver is an artifact and fits the theme as far as that goes, but the totems are an alternative win condition as far as this deck goes. If you want to go for OTK, which it looks like you do, then I’d either go for more maneuverability with 2 more Silhouette Tracers, or, since you have 3 Ankhs, 2 Time Maelstroms would work out pretty well, I think.

I don’t play this archetype, so I invoke the sacred ritual of OTK Sajj:


The deed is done.

In any event, good luck, and welcome to the forums :?)


You need some more “well-stated” minions like Healing Mystics and Primus Shieldmaster. The body and healing effect is very important, especially when you’re running not too many minions in your deck. Also, including some sort of “pings” like Bloodtear Alchemist and Blistering Skorn would help you through situations, such as playing against Reva’s Heartseekers, Jaxs, and swarm decks.

Oserix looks good on paper, but in reality it’s just a dispel bait. Looking at your deck list, I’d say Oserix doesn’t fit - he is aggressively stated and his Last Wish effect is too slow, so it wouldn’t help much for you to fend off the aggression and pressure that you’d be facing with this deck.

I don’t think Rae is any helpful. The dispel effect could be easily dodged if your opponent positions well and abuse the not-so-clever Battle Pet AI decision making. If you want that much of dispel, run Lightbender instead, as it has a better body, is more likely to hit your desired dispel target, and is very good against Cassyva.

3 Wildfire Ankh is also too much. Equipping multiple Ankhs has no difference than equipping one only, and sometimes Ankh doesn’t help much other than providing you 1 or 2 single target blast hits. One issue that I had with playing Wildfire Ankh: it didn’t help me much during the starting few turns, as 1. most minions are 3-health and 2. you have to walk to the centre of the board to fight for mana tiles, making me

You could use some more card draws. Currently there’s only Scion’s First Wish as an arguable card draw. L’Kian is your best choice of card draw, although you have to replace most of the cards she generates and fish for your artifacts in your deck. Sojourner is okay, but it’s a bit awkward to run her as she costs 3.Since this is an artifact-oriented deck, you can also look into Artifact Hunter and Grincher, but be noted that you could get crappy artifacts out of Grincher, such as Sunstone Bracer, Ghost Azalea and Morin-Khur.

You could make some small tweaks on your removal choices. Entropic Decay is often not helpful, as a decent opponent could play against it by good positioning. Having said that, it’s still good to run like 1 copy of it. Dominate Will is very powerful that you can win a game solely by having it on time in late-game. Repuslor Beast is also a strong inclusion.


You might want to look at this thread, as it discusses a deck which seems like what yours could become:


OTK definitely needs Time Maelstrom. It’s too strong to miss out on and ends games quickly.


Wow thats a lot of text! Thanks for thoroughly analyzing my deck and giving helpful suggestions. I agree with many of your points, except maybe what was said about Rae.

Rae (for me) is not really a “dispel”, but rather a “trampoline” of sorts to start gaining tempo. Since Rae costs zero mana, it can be used on the first turn (if you’re going second) to claim the mana tiles and ramp up from there. It also puts pressure on the opponent to kill it before it impacts the board.

But I do agree with the fact that it is not at all consistent. The dispel effect is usually not very helpful and it becomes somewhat lackluster in the late-game.

I really do appreciate you taking time to review my deck though! Thanks for all the help, I will do edits to my deck accordingly.


Oh no, the mighty raqyee has been summoned (shiver)!

I still have no idea what kind of deck I’m trying to build for Sajj (lol). She is so fun to play both aggro and combo. I have looked at various posts before to build the Sajj deck above and it is so convoluted at this point that I needed outside input on my deck! Thankfully, I have two Time Maelstrom’s already and I could get started on building that OTK list. By any chance, you wouldn’t happen to know about a post with a combo list would you? :wink:

Thanks for all of your help and your link to the OTK deck! I really appreciate all the help!


This is my old list. Just replace Siphons with Shrouds and it should still work.


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