Scintilla gets "healed" with BBS despite being at full health, ability still works? Working as intended?


I’ve only been playing Duelyst for about a month and so there’s still a lot of cards/mechanics I’m seeing for the first time. I find it weird that health can be “restored” on a minion that already had full health AND still activate its ability.

I understand that Scintilla’s ability is not based on it gaining health, but the BBS being activated, I’m saying I don’t feel the BBS should have the ability to be activated if the minion is already at full health.

Most BBS seem to have some sort of balancer. Argeon cant give give roar boost if minion is not nearby, abyss can’t summon wraithlings if there are no open nearby spaces, the attack Magmar general gets can be dispelled at any point, the other Magmar general gives you card draw but your opponent gets to draw one too.

It just feels weird that a BBS that restores health can still be “activated” even if there is nothing to heal.

Sorry if someone already posted this topic! Like I said, new to the game. Hoping its just something that was overlooked.

Healing effects triggering on full health

I’m with you on that one.


the same happens with all the other generals. lilithes BBS “activates” when there are no open spaces. for example, variax awesome BBS still buffs existing wraithlings even if it cant spawn new ones.


That only makes it weirder for me … I don’t feel that should be allowed either haha. Just my opinion though, just feels weird something can be “activated” despite not doing anything. The variax example you listed isn’t really the same thing in my view because it has the buff as a secondary effect, whereas in my example its the only effect.


I’d consider is as 2 different parts. Activation and Effect.

To cast Lillithe BBS, all you need is one mana
For it to have an effect, there needs to be 2 empty spaces.

This really only applies to BBS that aren’t targeted by the player (so Roar, Arcane Heart, Blink) are set up so the activation cannot happen if the effect cannot be used.

Blood Surge minions (like Scintilla) will activate when the activation happens, not necessarily the effect, make sense?


I think the scintilla effect should still activate since it’s reliant on the activation of BBS but other cards that have trigger effects when something is healed shouldn’t activate if there is no damage to heal.


Uhh, that’s exactly how it works right now xD


Scintilla had a bloodsurge effect, which only works when your BBS activates, not when the effect actually works (such as with Lilithe). While it does the refresh effect, since scintilla is already at full health in this situation it would not activate heal synergy effects twice.


not saying I was confused as to why it worked, but that in my opinion it shouldn’t work that way :slight_smile: if there’s nothing to heal the BBS shouldn’t be allowed to be “activated”. For the same reason you don’t even get the option to “activate” spells that only work on injured minions on healthy minions, you shouldn’t be allowed to activate a BBS that heals if there’s nothing to heal.



Working as intended. It has a triggered ability and the only condition of triggering said ability is activating your BBS. Your BBS may target ANY minion and does not specify a need to target a damaged minion.

Question answered.



Lol ^ this guy gets it! :smiley:


Question has been answered. Closing thread~